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The Plano ISD Board of Trustees approved the naming of a Facilities and Technology Task Force on November 4, 2003. The task force provided recommendations to the board on district needs in the facilities and technology areas for the next four years on April 20, 2004. The responsibility for providing recommendations to the task force was given to the PISD Technology Steering Committee. The steering committee received input from the district Curriculum and Technology (CAT) teams for each of the content areas as well as the various departments that provide services to students and staff through technology resources. Much of the information regarding technology needs for the near future was gathered as part of our 2003-06 Technology Plan Update. Please review that document and process for background information. The planning for the technology portion of this bond initiative will centered on the same theme as used by our current technology plan - "Providing Tomorrow's Tools For Today's Students". We appreciated all of the stakeholders who got involved in this process by contributing to content area CAT teams, internal department discussions and attending public input sessions that the task force scheduled.


Final recommendations as approved by the Board of Trustees on April 20, 2004 and the community on August 21, 2004:

Documentation for the 2004 technology bond planning process is available here:

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