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The Shepton community promotes relevant and engaging experiences that foster individual growth and ownership of learning within a safe and caring atmosphere.

Teachers by Department

Department Teacher Classes
Academic Support Rachel Fulton
Academic Support
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AVID Rianna Turner
Department Chair
Sarah Pittman AVID; English
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Career and Technical Education Janie Gilkison
Department Chair
Medical Terminology; Principles of Health Science
Brittni Svatek Yearbook
Steve Ford ROTC
Nona Gill IED; POE
Ryan Bryson Video Game Design
Debra Sepp Business Classes
Austin Webster Small Animal Management
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English Lisa Snyder
Department Chair
English; Creative Writing
Amy Stone English
Kevin Moore Humanities;English
Melanie Lin
Elizabeth Forneris English
Claire Frost English
Mandy Shapiro
Chelsea Winbush English; BLAST
Kim Lerwick English
Audra Glidewell
English; PALS; BLAST
Sarah Pittman
English; AVID
Brittni Svatek English; Yearbook
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ESOL Jamie Zellner
Department Chair
Odilia Alqaq ESOL Aide
Sara Reidlinger ESOL
Stephanie Rausch ESOL
Reading Katrina Johnson Academic Literacy
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Fine Arts Laura Darce
Performing Arts Department Chair
Technical Theatre
Carmen McElwain Theatre Director
David Herring Band
Zack Shirley Band
Joshua Thompson Orchestra
Rachel Boone Orchestra
Nick La Rocca Choir
Julio Enriquez Comm Apps
Amy Brown Comm Apps
Melissa Pierce Art
Mickalena Dukes Art
Kimberly Paser Art Media & Sculpture
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Health/PE Bruce Strong
Athletic Director
PE; 10th Football
Chelsea Cardwell PE; Athletics
Laylee Emadi-Smith Drill Team; Dance
Mallory Miner Drill Team; Dance; Algebra
Chalmer Adams Football (Shepton P.M.); Baseball
Julio Enriquez Basketball
Chuck Ostertag Health; Football
Brick Field Health; Tennis
Tara Balogh PWSH Soccer
Eric Neal Football; Track
Amy Brown Volleyball; Track
Shawn Smith Wrestling
Aspen Bronson Football; Basketball
Ian Garcia Football; Basketball
Mandy Shapiro Volleyball; Basketball
Amy Stone Basketball; Track
Kris Jones PWSH Swimming
Rick Hardison PWSH Golf
Mike Ledsome PWSH Softball
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LOTE Tiffany Fields
Department Chair
Bryan Cortimilia French
Susan Schackman French
Brandon Carpenter American Sign Language
Sandra Halsey Spanish
Yanexy Rodriguez Spanish
Monica Sisson Spanish
Yolanda Marvin Spanish
Jillian Reilly German
Amy Rivera Spanish
I-Ning, Lee Chinese (Shepton P.M.)
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Math Crystal Gaddie
Department Chair
Pre-Cal; Algebra
Nona Gill Geometry; IED; POE
Greg Vanderzant Geometry
William Barron Algebra; BLAST
Tricia Griffin Algebra
Agustin De La Rosa Geometry; BLAST
Sarah Glaser Algebra; Geometry
Frank Weiss Geometry; Algebra
Mallory Miner Algebra; Drill Team; Dance
Lauren Holloway Algebra; Cheer
Brittany Trevino Algebra
Caleb Senbayrak Geometry
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Science Karen Stephens
Department Chair
Summer Konneker Biology
Stephanie Brady Chemistry; IPC
Ryan Bryson Chemistry; Video Game Design
Andrew Coleman Chemistry; IPC
Anna Henicke Chemistry; Biology
Gina Page Biology
Kathleen Knight Biology
Kristopher Van Huss Chemistry; IPC
Dennis Teubner Biology
Deanna Shea Biology
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Social Studies Linda Havins
Department Chair
Humanities; World History
Janis Bates Geography
Marcie Ashford

World History

Christopher Hammer World History; Debate
Jonathan Fox Geography
Aspen Bronson World History; Athletics
Sarah Reidlinger Geography; ESOL
Kristin Rosi Geography; Student Congress
Linda Ross Geography
Shand Laughlin World History
Mark Wheat Geography; Athletics
Jeffrey Sullivan World History; AP Euro
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Special Education
Shelby Chesnut
Department Chair
Special Education Coordinator
Mia DiPilato Resource English
Amanda Smith MAPS; Base
Carrie Bell Base; Cheer
Orlando Hill Alternative Learning Center
Katrina Johnson Academic Literacy
Angela Kelly Structured English and Reading
Violet Gaines Inclusion Support
Ian Garcia Inclusion Supportl; Athletics
Ani Dunstone Base; Inclusion Support
Mandy Reeves TL Transition Specialist
Lauren Bearden Academic Lit; Math; Base
Ted McKown Structured Math; Art; Health
Pamela Carpenter Structured Social Studies & Science
Eric Neal BASE; Partner's PE; Math; Athletics
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