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Philosophy Of
Family Literacy

The parent is the child’s first and most important teacher
Learning brings the family together
Home is the center for Learning


“Our mission is to build healthy families by working with the entire family
unit developing life skills, literacy skills and a strong commitment to family wholeness.”
“If parents gain literacy skills and children are better prepared for school, but they don’t learn how to learn together, the purposes of family literacy programs are not served.” National Center for Family Literacy
“In our eagerness to push young parents into the work force, are we planning adequately for the needs of their families?” Momentum, National Center for Family Literacy, Dec 1998


  • The Goals of Family Literacy
  • IDENTIFY and recruit families most in need in our community
  • DEVELOP a program that includes:
  • Adult Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Parent Education
  • Interactive Literacy Activities
  • Home VisitsFOSTER an atmosphere of comfort for our learners so they will grow emotionally and pass positive learned skills onto their children
  • PROMOTE reading and literacy for the entire family
  • CONNECT “FAMILY LITERACY” with the community and establish partnerships that encourage learners of the program to be successful

Educate a parent and you educate a family

Family Literacy understands that the strong foundation of 5 basic components are what give it strength to thrive and grow as it teaches the concept of self sufficiency to families.

  • Adult Education - Multi faceted literacy training that leads to economic self-sufficiency
  • Early Childhood Education - Age-appropriate education to prepare children for success in school and life
  • Parent Education - Training and support for parents on how to be the primary teacher for their children. Teaching parents how to be full partners in the education of their child
  • Integrated Literacy - Interactive literacy activities between parents and their children
  • Home Visits - Personal visits to participants’ homes teaching collaboration of school and home learning

To improve their educational status, to gain employment skills, to learn English, to give their children a better chance for school success. Families come to the program for very basic reasons. They understand that unemployment and dependence on public assistance follow low literacy skills. They also recognize that their children probably will continue the pattern of low literacy. The family literacy design springs from the belief that synergy occurs when basic components that build on one another are incorporated together, making the composite more powerful than any single component.