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Counting Operations (+, -, x)
1 Base Ten Blocks
Make numbers using base ten blocks
24 Addition Machine
Practice adding at three different levels
2 Bert’s Bottle Caps
Help Bert sort his bottle caps
25 Add Like Mad
Practice addition in this fun game

Bridge Doubles
Practice how to double numbers


Base Blocks Addition
Use Base 10 blocks to practice addition

4 Bugabaloo Shoes
Figure out how many shoes each bug has
27 Base Blocks Subtraction
Use Base 10 blocks to practice subtraction
5 Compare Numbers - Greater Than/Less Than
Three levels of numbers to 100, 1000 & 10000
28 Bowling Subtractions
Subtract the number of bowling pins

Count Us In Games
A variety of math games to play

29 Catch 10
Choose two fuzzy chaps who add up to 10

Cross the River
Match the fraction to a shaded area.

30 Cross the Swamp
Activities for all operations

Fish Swish
Peep and the Big Wide World


Solve problems using subtraction skills


Fractions - Naming
Name the fraction shown by the shape.

32 Fun With Fireflies
Capture fireflies while practicing subtraction

Fraction Flags - Thirds
Design a flag using fractions.

33 Ghost Blasters II
One or two player game to practice addition
11 Give The Dog A Bone
Find hidden numbers in a 1-100 number square
34 Little Animals Number Games
Practice adding with Count Hoot
12 Hop to It!
Peep and the Big Wide World
35 Make it Count
Use 4 operations and 4 numbers to reach a target
13 How Many Fish? (ABCya)
Learn to Count / More Than, Less Than

Mummy's Tomb
Addition - Earn points to open the Mummy's tomb

14 How Many Under the Shell?
Guess how many bubbles under the shell
37 Rock Hoppers
Add and Subtract to reach the other side of the pond
15 Kids on the Bus
Put the correct number of kids on the bus
38 Seashell Search
Practice addition while collecting seashells
16 Laundry Game
Play this sorting game

Something's Missing
Solve problems with subtraction

17 Mend the Number Square
Complete the Hundred Chart

Speed Grip Challenge - Addition
Practice adding against the clock


Number Bonds
Practice the mental skill of number bonding

41 Subtraction Action
Practice subtraction in the fun game
19 Numbers
Guide the frog across the pond by counting
42 Subtraction Machine
Practice subtracting at three different levels
20 Representing Numbers
Count items that are the same as a given number

Sum Sense - Addition
Practice addition facts

21 Snakes and Ladders
Practice counting with this fun game

Sum Sense - Subtraction
Practice subtraction facts

22 Ten Frame
Building Numbers up to 10
45 That's A Fact!
Set your own pace to practice your math facts
23 Walking the Dogs
Count Mr. Noodle's dogs

Cash Out
Give change to the customers buying things.


Piggy Bank
Choose coins that add up to an amount of money


Cash Box
Learn how to count, collect, exchange, and make change for coins.

50 Money Virtual Manipulatives
Count paper money and coins to find the total
48 Counting Money
Count the total of all coins
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