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Distance Learning in Plano ISD

Distance Learning in Plano ISD is achieved through the use of varied equipment and procedures.

Distance Learning Courses
The Distance Learning Labs are used for delivering instruction from one classroom to other classrooms across the district. Distance Learning Labs are operational at all five high schools (Clark, Jasper, Shepton, Vines, Williams) and all three senior high schools (PSHS, PESH, and PWSH). Teaching units are in place only at Vines, Clark, PSHS, and PWSH. The remaining high schools and PESH can receive the instruction and can communicate with the teacher and other classes, but do not have the teacher console used by the instructor. The labs use Tandberg units which remain stationary in the learning lab.  The Sockwell Center also has Tandberg units. Currently, high school students are enrolled in Honors Pre-Calculus taught in the Distance Learning Lab at Vines and delivered to all high schools. and Latin 2 Honors taught in the Distance Learning Lab and Clark and delivered to Williams. The Distance Learning Labs have also been used to deliver Courses in German and Latin to high schools and senior high schools across the district. Reference Guides for Distance Learning.

Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing provides a means for student collaboration on projects. The conferencing is a two-way communication transmitted over the internet. Two Team Stations are available for use in all middle schools, Special Programs, PSHS, and PESH. Team Station units can be used in any room in the building that has a network drop. Team Stations provide a means of interactive video conferencing within the district, with other school districts, and with businesses (museums, zoos, NASA, etc.) . Smaller, portable Tandberg units are available in each elementary. These portable units are connected to a digital projector or a television for viewing the conference. Visit the Video Conferencing web page.

Plano ISD has its own eSchool in which students take courses over the internet. The student does on-line assignments and takes tests online. Each student is assigned to a teacher who guides the student through the course. For information on Plano ISD eSchool, visit the website at http://planoisdeschool.net/home.html.


For more information on PISD Distance Learning Courses or Video Conferencing,
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