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Video Conferencing in Plano ISD

Video conferencing provides a way for your students to
  • collaborate with students in other classrooms.
  • learn from students, educators, and business persons anywhere in the world.
  • visit far-away places without leaving your classroom.
  • develop communication skills.
  • develop presentation skills.
  • learn to use technology effectively.
Video conferencing provides a way for staff to
  • collaborate with staff members across the district.
  • collaborate with educators world-wide.
  • participate in training sessions.
  • plan with teachers at other schools.

*** You must notify your Instructional Technology Coordinator at least 3 weeks prior to a video conference with a person/group outside of Plano ISD.

Ideas for using Video Conferencing in the Classroom will help you get started with ways to use video conferencing to enhance student's learning.

The List of Content Providers includes businesses who provide educational video conferencing. Their complete lesson plans include classroom activities for the students in addition to the video conference.

Use the Planning Timeline for Elementary or Planning Timeline for Secondary as a checklist while planning a video conference.

See the Guides for Elementary Schools for information on using the Tandberg 880.

See the Guides for Secondary Schools for information on using the TeamStations and the Tandberg 5000 units in the Distance Learning Labs .

You are encouraged to send your Lesson Plans to Instructional Technology to share with others who may want to follow your lead in using video conferencing.

For assistance with video conferencing, contact Instructional Technology.

View the photo albums of past video conferences in which Plano ISD students participated.

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