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Music and sound can build mood--excitement, anticipation, danger, etc.,  communicate emotion--sadness, pride, joy, capture and hold the attention of your audience, reinforce interactivity with button sounds, make the audience feel like they're somewhere else, and give projects that "professional" feel.

Note: The district has Audacity available for your audio editing needs. It is easy to use and incorporates many standard editing features. All of the tasks below can be accomplished using Audacity. The icon will be in the "Multimedia" folder in your district window. Here is a "QuickStart Guide" to get you started.

Guides using Audacity
Introduction, Terms, and Resources (html)
Window's Volume and Recording Controls
Recording "Live" Audio with a Microphone
Working with Music CDs
Working with Royalty-free Sound Clip Collections
Working with the MP3 Sound Format
Inserting Prepared Digital Audio Clips into Applications


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