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  • Quick Guide to (Regular) Scanning - use this guide for the basic steps to scan in photos, graphics, or even small objects using an HP scanner.

  • Quick Guide to OCR Scanning - use this guide for the basic steps and process for using a scanner and OCR software to not only "scan in" text-based documents, but to also "recognize" and convert them back to "editable" text. Note: In most cases, a full version of this type of software doesn't automatically come with a scanner. It needs to be purchased and installed separately. See the guide for more details.

  • How Do I...Choose Output Type - this "Concept Page" provides examples and details about the various output type choices: True Color, Grayscale, Black & White (raster), Black & White Scalalbe (vector), 256 Color Web Pallette, etc.

  • How Do I...Choose Scanning Resolution - this (advanced) guide provides the "nitty-gritty" details about scanning resolution settings. It will help to select specific settings for specific target results.

  • Concept Page: Image File Formats
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