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Here are some resources to help you find out more about Spin Panorama and how it works.

Click here for the Spin Panorama "Getting Started Guide and Field Guide

Here are two examples of QuickTime VR movie files.  The first is of the "Animal Room" from the Holifield Outdoor Learning Center.  The second is of the Texas Music Educators offices in Austin.   They were both created using 12 pictures taken with a Sony Mavica FD-7 Digital Camera, a standard camera tripod, and Spin Panorama Software version 2.0.  Check the instructions below and then click on the QuickTime logo to see the "virtual" image.  Click here for information on adding spin movies to your presentations.

Instructions:  To view, you click and drag the cursor over the panorama.  The effect is like "panning" the scene.  To zoom in and out, click on the shift and control keys for Windows; and on the control and option keys for Macintosh.  (I recommend that you zoom all the way out before you start to "look" around.  This will generally give you the clearest view.) 


Panoramic View of TMEA Conference Room

Lighthouse Panorama Example
(this example courtesy of Tech4Learning)

Want to see some great photography.....Even though these were not produced using Spin, they are still some great VR (Virtual Reality) Panorama Movies, just produced with QuickTimeVR Authoring tools. Click here to view over 2,500 wilderness scenes around the Western US & Canada, taken by Erik Goetze.


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