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Jasper High School is dedicated to providing a unified,
caring environment where each student will be
prepared to succeed in a diverse and challenging world.

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Remodel of front entryway

Over the past couple of weekends the district has begun remodeling the front entry way to create a more secure entry for the campus.  We hope to have this renovation completed quickly with as few disruptions to regular campus operations as possible.  All work is being completed in the evening and on weekends.  The outcome of the renovation will create an entry where all visitors will have to be buzzed into the entry foyer and then again be buzzed into the office.  Visitors will no longer be able to walk straight into the main building without going through the front office.  We will send more information when the renovation is completed and any changes the new entry way might bring to standard operations for parents and visitors coming to campus.

Yearbook Deadline

Buy a Jasper yearbook by Friday, 10/31! After that the price of the yearbook goes up! You can buy one at jostensyearbook.com or give money and order form to the front office for Mrs. Garafola. All checks should be made out to Jasper HS and should include student name and id number

Jasper Jazz “Great Jazzby” Dinner and Auction Night

The Jasper Jazz “Great Jazzby” night is soon approaching! This fun evening benefits the Jasper High School Drill Team, the “Jasper Jazz.” Mark your calendar NOW for Saturday, November 1st, from 6:00-9:00 pm in the Jasper Cafeteria. We will have a live and silent auction that includes restaurant gift certificates, jewelry, country club social membership, 9 Rounds gym membership, hotel stays, and much more! Jazz girls will be performing! Dinner this year is being catered by Macaroni Grill. Tickets are $25 each and may be purchased from any Jazz member or by emailing Arpana Kagal at arpanakagal@hotmail.com. Thank you for supporting the Jazz girls! We look forward to seeing you on November 1st!

Jasper HS Silent Auction & Italian Dinner

All Jasper Families and Students are invited to attend the Jasper High School 2014 Italian Dinner Concert & Silent Auction featuring the Jasper High School Band as well as Rice and Robinson Middle School Bands.  All Jasper Band students will be performing in this event, so don't miss it -- Saturday, November 15, from 5-9:30 PM at Jasper HS!  The bands will perform throughout the evening.  Dinner will be from 5:30-7:30 PM with a Silent Auction and Raffle from 5-9 PM.  Dinner will be catered by MAGGIANOS and features a choice of Spaghetti with Meat or Marinara Sauce or Four Cheese Ravioli with Pesto Cream Sauce.  All dinners include a Salad, Bread, Iced tea/water.  Tickets for the dinner are $15 per person including students ages 11 & above and must be bought in advance online (the online order link will be provided soon).  Tickets are required for all persons and students eating dinner.  Children’s plates (ages 10 & younger) will feature spaghetti with meat or marinara sauce for $7.50 per person.   Make this a fun night for the whole family! Enjoy music, dinner and shop at the auction. Auction items include fabulous trips to New York City or Paris or an Alaskan Cruise as well as lots of items from local restaurants and stores.  Although anyone may attend the concert without having dinner, we highly encourage all Jasper band families to support this fundraising effort and join in the dinner as well as attend the concert.  And don't miss your chance at winning a fabulous prize basket -- Raffle tickets for prize baskets will be for sale for 4 for $10 or single tickets for $3.  Raffle tickets can be bought online or at the dinner.  Dinner Ticket order form is attached or more information on ordering tickets online will be provided soon. For more information please email Erin Heath at erin@xcelevents.us

District Greeting Card Contest

For infomration about the PISD District Greeting Card contest, please click here.

Campus Ratings

Jasper High School Exemplary Campus
2010 Reports

TAPR (Texas Academic Performance Reports)

**For results of athletic events, please click here on scoreboard.

**Please congratulate the students on a job well done

1st Place - Biochemistry - Nicky Wojtania
    Nicky will represent Jasper at National AJAS in San Jose, California in February

2nd Place -Computer Science - Ritvik Annam

2nd Place- Engineering - John Li

HM - Botany/Zoology - Aakash Sambhariya

**This past Sunday, I’m pleased to report that Jasper’s Legacy Orchestra (the top orchestra) placed 2nd in the TMEA Honor String Orchestra contest.  This is a statewide contest with entries from all the finest string programs in the state, and it is essentially our “state championship” for string orchestras.

This is especially wonderful because Japer is the only non-varsity ensemble in the contest (without 11th and 12th graders).  All the other schools in the competition are traditional 4 year high schools (with all the best players grade 9-12 in the top group), or the Plano Senior Highs.  However, time and time again, the Jasper students prove themselves to be the musical equals of much older and experienced orchestras.

Competition was in 2 rounds, and the finalist schools are listed below in final rank order.  Plano Senior High was not eligible this year because they are the Honor Full Orchestra.

**This weekend, Region 25 had their auditions for the HS All-Region orchestras – a select, highly competitive process that includes all the high school orchestra programs from Plano, Allen, Lovejoy, and Sherman.  I’m happy to report that Jasper had more students selected than any other school in the region!  The list is below, so be sure to congratulate these students if they are in your class.

We also had a number of students rank high enough to qualify to audition for the Texas All-State Orchestras.  Next Saturday, they will record an audition that will be judged in several weeks to select the All-State members.  Be sure to wish them luck as they strive for the highest honor available to a Texas public school music student.  Students who will be taping are marked with an *.

Kevin Bai* – 4
Tim Wang* – 5
Samantha Choo* – 7
Raymond Chen* – 21
Daniel Che – 28
Heewon Kim – 39
Navin Ahire* – 3
Jarod Stone* – 6
Serena Cheng* – 10
Nisha Rajesh* – 14
Angel Yi* – 1
Daniel Zhong* – 7
Gahwon Lee* – 11
Richard Zhu* – 15

Cedric Hu – 1
Emily Nam – 8
Choong Gao Lee – 9
Boris Tsang – 14
Sharon Son – 26
Kevin lee – 28
Kathleen Shao – 32
Sharon Zang – 33
Tiffany Kang – 39
Brian Lee – 40
Matthew Zhao – Alternate 1
Darshan Shaastri – Alternate 4
Patrick Yu – Alternate 5
Zoie Fan – 6
Luke Fullington – 7
Angela He – Alternate 3
Collin McMahon – 11
Michael Lee – 12
Jacqueline Chou – Alternate 2
Kate Dedrick* – 2nd bass
Reegan Jiang – Alternate 1

**Congratulations to the Jasper High School Band for getting 1st Division results in the UIL Marching Competition Saturday, October 11.

**Congratulations to the following students who made All Region Choir!!

MIXED  Pramanik, Aayushi                          
MIXED  Fan, Arta                                             
MIXED  Bender, Madison                            
MIXED  Cinclair, William                
MIXED  Xia, Alan                                              
MIXED  Christa, Adam                                   
MIXED  Patys, Nicholas                                 
TREBLE  Kumar, Varsha                                 
TREBLE  Cover, Hallie                                      
TREBLE  Givens, Megan                                
TREBLE  Moore, Allison                                 
TREBLE  Nguyen, Kaitlyn                                               
TREBLE  Warrier, Manju                                
TREBLE  Stevens, Adriana                             
TREBLE  Kasturi, Devi                                      
Escarfullery, Isabella       ALTERNATE TREBLE CHOIR
FHC        Wu, Ariana
FHC        Sil, Aishani
FHC        Prabhu, Sahana
FHC        Nayak, Sachi
FHC        Nandigam, Likhita
FHC        Kiasaleh, Alison
FHC        Desai, Ananya
FHC        Wariyar, Rohan
FHC        Patel, Raul
FHC        Gaetjen, Anthony
FHC        Wang, Gabriel
FHC        Sivils, Camden
FHC        Clayton, Lucas
FHC        Fain, Jackie         ALTERNATE TREBLE CHOIR
FHC        Bhatt, Ritu           ALTERNATE TREBLE CHOIR

**Please congratulate them the following Jasper students have had their research papers selected to participate at the Texas Junior Academy of Science Symposium at Texas A&M College Station later this month. 

Ritvik Annam for Computer Science -Analyzing the Entropy of Random Number Generators in a Cloud Computing Environment     
Nicky Wojtania  for  Biochemistry -  What’s Cooking – Cis-trans isomerization of Unsaturated Fatty Acids
Aakash Samhariya for Botany -   The Effect of Macronutrients on the growth and Energy Yields of Algae
John (Wenyao) Li for  Engineering - Creating a Portable Device that Can Extract Drinking Water From the Air

**Congratulations on our Jasper Choir Students who auditioned at Phase I in McKinney! A lot of preparation and rehearsal went into this and we are proud of their efforts.

Advancing to the next round:
The following students will be advancing to auditions on Saturday. In no particular order:

Sop 1  : Allison Moore, Manju Warrier, Megan Givens, Ritu Bhatt, Jackie Fain, Kaitlyn Nguyen,
Sop 2 : Hallie Cover, Adriana Stevens
Alto 1 – Mita Dixit, Arta Fan, V
Alto 2   Varsha Kumar, Devi Kasturi, Maddie Bender, Isabella Escarfullery
Bass 1 Rajan Cinclair, Alan Xia, Lucas Clayton, Camden Sivils

The following students will audition for a spot in the Freshman Honor Choir:
Sop 1 -– Alison Kiasaleh, Isha Chiplonkar, Ananya Desai, Aishani Sil
Alto –   Sanjna Bhatia, Sahana Prabhu, Sachi Nayak, Likhita Nandigam, Ariana Wu

Note: Our Bass 2, Tenor 1 and 2 Voices will audition on Saturday.
Adam Christa, Kevin Hoodwin, Gabriel Wang, Nick Patys, Raul Patel, Rohan Wariyar, Anthony Gaetjen

Jasper Choir is awesome!!

**PWSH Jasper Representatives for the Homecoming Court:

Ryan Sklar & Izzy Vivas

**Westside Community / Service Award Winners:

Cole McIntosh:
Cole is a member of Jasper’s AVID program and Plano West soccer. Jasper staff and students report that Cole always puts others before himself. He volunteer tutors elementary students on a weekly basis and is part of a family charity that gathers materials from local hotels to use for distribution to homeless and disadvantaged families.

Carina Masser:
Carina is a member of Jasper NHS and SPCA club. Carina was involved with creating and leading Jasper’s SPCA club on campus after a positive experience with volunteering at a local SPCA. Jasper staff and students are amazed at her commitment and dedication to the care of animals. The Jasper SPCA club, under Carina’s servant and selfless leadership, have organized events to make blankets and toys for shelter animals.