Jaser High School



Jasper High School is dedicated to providing a unified,
caring environment where each student will be
prepared to succeed in a diverse and challenging world.

For a list of the accomplishments at Jasper High School please click here


Jagfest will occur during block lunch April 28th. A carnival type atmosphere will greet students who step out to the circle bus lane. Outside a DJ will play music from various decades, and FOOD BOOTHS.


We will have several food vendors and fans providing food for our students this day. Please see below for a detailed list of food and cost for the day:

Food Items and the amount of tickets needed:

Chick-fil-A Nuggets: 4
Chick-fil-A Sandwich: 4

Panda Express
Orange Chicken: 5
Fried Rice: 3

Jet's Pizza
Jet’s Pizza, Cheese: 2 per slice
Jet’s Pizza, Pepperoni: 2 per slice

Dip N Dots: 3

Snow Cones: 4

All drinks: 1

Turkey Legs: 5
Jumbo Chocolate Cookies: 1
Funnel Cake: 3
Churro: 1

Students are not required to purchase or go to Jagfest. Regular lunches will run in the cafeteria for those students that would prefer to stay inside; they will just be a little longer than usual.

Dual Credit – Collin College U.S. History

The registration date for Collin College U.S. History is just around the corner. Students that plan to participate in the dual credit program in conjunction with Collin College in the 2017-18 school year must complete and return the Dual Credit Information Form to the counselor no later than April 18.

Registration for the class will open on April 18. The deadline for registration and payment is May 26.

If you haven’t started the process, these are the things that need to get done.

1. Apply to Collin College at https://apply.collin.edu (student and parent must do)

2. Bring your Collin College ID (CWID) number to your counselor.

3. Take the TSI: (student must do)

A. Take the pre-assessment on-line.

B. Print the certificate of completion

C. Pay the fee - $29.00

D. Go to Collin and take the actual TSI test

4. Counselors will turn in the High School Enrollment Permission Form, the Bacterial Meningitis Form and send your transcript.

5. Complete the mandatory Training on Sexual Violence. (student must do)

6. Register for the class after April 18. Students will need the course and period number called the CRN number. You need to get that from your counselor.

If a student receives accommodations in current classes, it is imperative that they contact the Collin College Access Office for information about applying for and receiving accommodations in dual credit classes. The Access office can be reached at 972-881-5898. For more information about accommodations in Collin College classes, click on the link below.


AP Exams

1. Advanced Placement (AP) exam time is here. The dates and times for these exams are established by the College Board, the developers of the Advanced Placement program.

Calculus BC AP - Tuesday, May 9 at 7:45 a.m.
World History AP (WHAP) - Thursday, May 11 at 7:45 a.m.
Human Geography AP (HGAP) - Friday, May 12 at 7:45 a.m.
European History AP (EHAP) - Friday, May 12 at noon.
EHAP students will eat lunch from 11:30-11:55 a.m.

2. Morning AP testing (Calculus BC AP, WHAP, HGAP) begins before the normal school start time. AP students who ride a bus to Jasper will have to make other transportation arrangements to arrive on campus for their exam start time. Students should report immediately to their testing room, and testing will begin promptly.

3. European History students’ exam will not be completed until after the normal school end time. AP students who ride a bus home will have to make other transportation arrangements to get home on May 12. Students taking the European History AP test on May 12 will not be dismissed from Jasper until approximately 4:40 p.m.

4. AP students arriving late to their testing room on their test day will not be allowed to test. AP exam fees will not be refunded.

5. ALL students taking an AP exam must have a photo ID in order to enter the testing room. Students who do not have a photo ID should sign-in to their grades (at home) and print the page with their picture and name and bring that as their ID. Students should not rely on their phone to pull up grades as their ID; cell phones are not allowed in the testing room.

6. Backpacks, bags, instruments, etc… will NOT be allowed in testing rooms. We recommend that everything be put in student lockers. Make arrangements in advance of testing day.

7. Students who participate in off-campus athletics at Plano West or off-campus PE should inform their coaches of their upcoming absence for AP testing if their off-campus time is during the exam. Students taking Calculus, WHAP, HGAP should report to the Jasper campus at the designated AP time in the morning.

8. For additional information, please consult the Bulletin for AP Students & Parents at


2016 School Report Cards-SRC

The State 2015-2016 School Report Card for Jasper High School has now been released, and posted to the Jasper High School website http://k-12.pisd.edu/schools/jasper/. The report provides information concerning student performance on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), as well as information on student enrollment, class size averages, and financial expenditures. The information contained in the School Report Card is described in the “School Report Card Definitions.” If you have any questions concerning the School Report Cards, please let us know. Thank you for your continued support of Jasper High School.

Campus Ratings

Jasper High School Exemplary Campus
2010 Reports

Accountability, CSEAS and Campus Reports

**For results of athletic events, please click here on scoreboard.

**We are happy to announce that the following students came in fourth place in the states HOSA competition in Community Awareness. This is a very competitive field and to place this high as sophomores is a huge accomplishments. Please congratulate them if you have these students:
Lekha Nettem
Malvika Mehendrhra
Yasmin Saber
Anirdvh Raynki

**Please congratulate the following  students who competed in the Texas State Business Professionals of America competition held on March 2nd - March 4th .

Alice Hou, 4th  place, SQL Database Fundamentals
Brandon Chen, 1st place,  Personal Financial Management

They will now move on to the national competition which will be held in Orlando Florida this coming May 10th - 14th  .

**Last week, all 6 of our orchestras travelled to Lebanon Trail HS for UIL Concert & Sightreading Contest. I am happy to announce that Legacy Full Orchestra, Chamber, Camerata, Philharmonia, and Sinfonia orchestra all earned the highest ratings an orchestra can receive resulting in a Sweepstakes award. Jasper Strings also earned an excellent rating  both for their stage performance and sight reading component. Please take time to congratulate any orchestra student you may have as all of them had a part in preparing for our most important contest of the year.

**Regional Science Fair Competition Results


**Congratulations to the following students that competed in the German Fest Competition:

Jasper Winners

2nd Place Overall Sweepstakes for Smaller Programs

9th Place Club Album: Main contributors- Trinity Danh-Huynh, Macy Mear, Alexis Merker, Sophie Jeon, Ajata Reddy, Grace Munns, Nina Ho, Rebecca Kuhlman
10th Place Culture Test Level 1: Andrew Cocos
1st Place Culture Test Level 1: Luke Lubin
3rd Place Culture Test Level 1: Noah Ogata
1st Place Directed Dialogue Level 1: Paige Evans
4th Place Directed Dialogue Level 1: Adela Sosevic
2nd Place Duet Acting Level 1: Hope Mayo and Grace Munns
1st Place Listening Comprehension Test Level 1: Josh Brinks
5th Place Listening Comprehension Test level 2: Alexis Merker
6th Place Listening Comprehension Test Level 2: Kavya Donepudi
2nd Place Poetry Memory Level 1: Charles Hodges
6th Place Poetry Memory Level 2: Ajata Reddy
9th Place Poetry Reading Level 1: Paige Evans
8th Place Poetry Reading Level 2: Sophie Jeon
2nd Place Prose Memory Level 1: Adela Sosevic
7th Place Prose Memory Level 1: Nika Pajuh
9th Place Reading Comprehension Test Level 1: Carter Dorn
3rd Place Reading Comprehension Test Level 2: Luke Lubin
7th Place Sight Reading Level 1: Josh Brinks
1st Place Skit Level 1: Nika Pajuh, Adela Sosevic, Julia Dyer, Hope Mayo, Charles Hodges, Kirstin Stevens-Schmidt, Andrew Cocos, Josh Brinks, Carter Dorn, Paige Evans, John Farrell
Best Actress, Skit Level 1: Hope Mayo
4th Place Skit Level 2: Ajata Reddy, Alexis Merker, Noah Ogata, Evan Davidoff, Sophie Jeon, Riane Njenga, Anthony Lewis, Michael Croft, Dak Bhatia, William Dang, Kavya Donepudi, 
2nd Place Vocabulary Test Level 2: Alexis Merker
4th Place Vocabulary Test Level 2: Kavya Donepudi
3rd Place Vocal Solo: Paige Evans

**Your Jasper Jazz competed at the Texas Dance Classic contest on Saturday, February 18th at Plano Senior High and here are the results from their contest!

J Krew Hip Hop Company Division I rating (scores of 90 or above from all three judges)
J Co Contemporary Company Division I rating and Best In Class Medium Ensemble (Highest Scoring Ensemble in their Division)
Scarlet Walls  received 1st Runner up for her Solo amongst all JV schools.

Academic Champions amongst all JV schools (Highest GPA)

Sweepstakes Award
Gussie Nell Davis Award (90’s or above from all three judges on all three routines)
Judges Award for Officer Contemporary
Best Overall Precision
2nd Runner Up Best In Class Officers

Sweepstakes Award
Gussie Nell Davis Award
Judges Award for Team Novelty
Best Overall Choreography
2nd Runner Up Best In Class Team

The ladies performed beautifully on Saturday!  If you see any of your Jasper Jazz today, please congratulate them on a job well done!

**Congratulations the following four students who competed in Area Hosa competition this past weekend.  They competed as a group in the Community Awareness section and placed 3rd in the area.  This earned them a trip to the state HOSA competition on March 30th through April 2nd.
Lekha Nettem
Malvika Mehendrhra
Yasmin Saber
Anirdvh Raynki

**The Art Department has some great news to share with you! Many of our students competed on Saturday at Regional VASE. The competition was stiff and our students did an amazing job. The following students medaled at Reginal VASE competition:

  1. Angel  Linda
  2. Artola Maria
  3. Cho     Ensu
  4. Chugh            Natasha
  5. Dabak Anusha
  6. Ding   Yayi
  7. Fang   Kevin
  8. Ge       Angela
  9. Gowkanapalli  Khyathi
  10. Han    Isabelle
  11. Han    Bryan
  12. He       Amanda
  13. Hou    Alice
  14. Huang            Darren
  15. Huang            Kendra
  16. Jackson          Brandon
  17. Jiang  Michelle
  18. Jiang  Maxwell
  19. Jashua           Shaina
  20. Koch   Emily
  21. LaNeve           Cameron
  22. Lee      Irena
  23. Lee      Vienne
  24. Lin      Daming
  25. Liu      Samantha
  26. Mackenroth   Elizabeth
  27. Modareszadeh  Parsa
  28. Nannapaneni  Bhoomika
  29. Newman        Sarah
  30. Okano            Ibuki
  31. Osamoto        Airi
  32. Ouyang          Lauren
  33. Qazi    Areeba
  34. Qian   Ellen
  35. Qin     Derek
  36. Ramkumar   Adithya
  37. Saravana        Pavithra
  38. Sekhri            Saamya
  39. Shi      Vivian
  40. Sudeep           Varsha
  41. Tamilmani    Divya
  42. Theodore       Anna
  43. Thai    Jocelyn
  44. Thomas         Neha
  45. Toyos Alvarez  Alejandra
  46. Wang Yingjie
  47. Wang Maggie
  48. Xiao    Grace
  49. Zhang Peter
  50. Zhou  Shirley
  51. Zhou  Andrea
  52. Ai        Xinyu
  53. Batikeri         Abitha
  54. Cao     Daniel
  55. Chen   Doreen
  56. Chen   Edward
  57. Cui      Kathy
  58. Dinga Isabella
  59. Feng   Julia
  60. Feuerbacher  Lea
  61. Gunde            Anusri
  62. Guo    Ashley
  63. He       Jiarong
  64. Higgins          Amanda
  65. Jia       Jaqueline
  66. Jiang  Sophia
  67. Kallman         Katelyn
  68. Knauber        Abby
  69. Lee      Grace
  70. Lee      Youngseo
  71. Li        Benjamin
  72. Li        Tiffany
  73. Li        Patrick
  74. Liu      Kelly
  75. Moradi           Kimia
  76. Qazi    Nabeeha
  77. Ram    Harini
  78. Regupathy     Varshini
  79. Ren     Emily
  80. Salim  Nasrah
  81. Shen   Cathy
  82. Tong   Anqy
  83. Tran   Princeton
  84. Yang   Catherine
  85. Yu       Shirley
  86. Zhong            Nicholas
  87. Jamail            Christopher
  88. Psychoudakis  Sofia
  89. Tarala Rithi


**The Jasper Robotics team competed this past weekend in in Lewisville in the hopes that they would qualify for the North Texas Regional tournament scheduled for Saturday, February 25th in Allen.  Out of 34 teams only six are invited to the Regional tournament; I am very proud to say that the Jasper Robotics team did in fact qualify for regionals.  The team was one of the highest scoring teams on Saturday and was chosen to be an alliance partner for the semi-finals and finals matches.  Unfortunately, their alliance didn’t win in their finals match, but the team did really well and earned a runner-up trophy.

Thanks to Mr. McQuiston for his late afternoon help on Friday, his engineering suggestion really helped the team’s robot.

Along the way, the team received nominations for three awards and was awarded the First Tech Challenge Inspire Award, which is a very big deal for the team.

Criteria for the FTC Inspire Award is detailed below.

This judged award is given to the team that truly embodied the ‘challenge’ of the FIRST® Tech Challenge program. The team that receives this award is a strong ambassador for FIRST programs and a role model FIRST Tech Challenge team.

Required criteria for the Inspire Award:
· Team must demonstrate respect and Gracious Professionalism® toward everyone they encounter at an FIRST Tech Challenge event.
· Team is a strong contender for several other Judged awards. The Inspire Award celebrates the strongest qualities of all the Judged Awards.
· The Team is an ambassador for FIRST programs and demonstrates and documents their work in their community.
· Team dynamic is positive and inclusive, and each team member contributes to the success of the team.
· Engineering Notebook must be submitted, and must include an Engineering Section, a Team Section and a Business or Strategic Plan. The entire Engineering Notebook must be high quality, thoughtful, thorough, detailed and well organized.
· Robot design is creative and innovative, and the robot performs reliably on the field. Team communicates clearly about their robot design and strategy to the judges.
· Team presentation is professional and engaging.

This is quite an accomplishment for a rookie team.  If you have any of these students in your classroom, please congratulate them…they’ve done a tremendous job.

Lillian Marquis
Anushka Saran
Mark Schara
Nikhil Narvekar
Subhayan Basu
Medhansh Gupta
Vidith Madhu
Ameya Khanapurka
Risha Valera
Dallas Mak
Neel Chavan
Eshan Damle
Peter Marineau
Tom DeVries

**Congratulations to the Jasper students that competed in German Fest:
3rd Place Black and White Art: Kirstin Stevens-Schmidt
1st Place Pastels and Watercolors: Kirstin Stevens-Schmidt
4th Place Schulwappen: Charles Hodges and Alejandro Torres
4th Place Club Album: Trinity Danh-Huynh, Alexis Merker, Sophie Jeon, Macy Mear, Lucy Yao, Charles Hodges, Alejandro Torries, Sehair Noorbhai, Adela Sosevic, Nina Ho, Rebecca Kuhlman
3rd Place Doll Costume: Nika Pajuh
5th Place Original Model: William Dang
6th Place Photo Essay: Kirstin Stevens-Schmidt, Lucy Yao, Hope Mayo, Andrew Cocos, Grace Munns
8th Place Digital Logo Design: Alejandro Torries
8th Place Vocal Solo: Sophie Jeon
2nd Place Directed Dialogue Level 1: Adela Sosevic
3rd Place Directed Dialogue Level 1: Paige Evans
2nd Place Extemporaneous Speaking Advantaged Speaker: Charles Smith
7th Place Extemporaneous Speaking Advantaged Speaker: Kirstin Stevens-Schmidt
1st Place Sight Reading Level 1: Josh Brinks
6th Place Sight Reading Level 1: John Farrell
2nd Place Skit Level 1, including incredibly helpful last minute understudies: Andrew Cocos, Julia Dyer, Carter Dorn, Josh Brinks, Nika Pajuh, Adela Sosevic, Hope Mayo/Grace Munns, Kirstin Stevens-Schmidt, Paige Evans, Pierce Raphael, John Farrell
1st Place Skit Level 2, also including incredibly helpful last minute understudies: Dak Bhatia, Alexis Merker, Kayva Donepudi, Riane Njenga, Anthony Lewis/Michael Croft, Ajata Reddy, Sophie Jeon, Noah Ogata, William Dang, Evan Davidoff
Best Actress: Alexis Merker
2nd Place Culture Test Level 1: Nika Pajuh
3rd Place Culture Test Level 1: Andrew Cocos
1st Place Culture Test Level 1: Noah Ogata
3rd Place Culture Test Level 1: Luke Lubin
5th Place Grammar Test Level 1: Nika Pajuh
1st Place Listening Comprehension Test Level 1: Josh Brinks
4th Place Listening Comprehension Test Level 1: Rebecca Kuhlman
1st Place Listening Comprehension Test Level 2: Alexis Merker
2nd Place Listening Comprehension Test level 2: Kavya Donepudi
3rd Place Listening Comprehension Test Level 2: Dak Bhatia
5th Place Reading Comprehension Test Level 1: Carter Dorn
7th Place Reading Comprehension Test Level 1: Nina Ho
6th Place Reading Comprehension Test Level 2: Luke Lubin
10th Place Reading Comprehension Test Level 2: Kavya Donepudi
6th Place Spelling Test Level 1: Nika Pajuh
10th Place Spelling Test Level 2: Alexis Merker
3rd Place Vocabulary Test Level 1: Pierce Raphael
8th Place Vocabulary Test Level 1: Adela Sosevic
2nd Place Vocabular Test Level 2: Alexis Merker
3rd Place Vocabulary Test Level 2: Kavya Donepudi
1st Place Poetry Memory Level 1: Charles Hodges
7th Place Poetry Memory Level 1: Lucy Yao
8th Place Poetry Memory Level 1: Macy Mear
2nd Place Poetry Memory Level 2: Ajata Reddy
2nd Place Poetry Reading Level 1: Paige Evans
2nd Place Poetry Reading Level 2: Sophie Jeon
9th Place Poetry Reading Level 2: Alexis Merker
1st Place Prose Memory Level 1= Adela Sosevic
2nd Place Prose Memory Level 1: Nika Pajuh
2nd Place Prose Memory Level 2: Kavya Donepudi
6th Place Prose Memory Level 2: Ajata Reddy
4th Place Prose Reading Level 1: Nika Pajuhh
7th Place Prose Reading Level 1: Rebecca Kuhlman
10th Place Prose Reading Level 2: Sophie Jeon
5th Place Research Paper: Adela Sosevic
2nd Place Varsity Pass Auf Trivia: Noah Ogata, Kavya Donepudi, Luke Lubin, John Farrell, and others I can’t remember now!  (We lost 1st place to our former babies at PWSH: Nathan Norseworthy, Stephanie Angel, Ethan Krupp, Mason Lybbert, Husnain Noorbhai)
1st Place Academic Sweepstakes for Small Programs
5th Place Cultural Sweepstakes for Small Programs
1st Place Overall Sweepstakes for Small Programs

**We want to announce that both of the student films entered into the UIL Film Contest have moved on to the next round! If you see Steve Han, Jett Wang, or Shawn Ha, be sure and congratulate them.

**The Jasper Robotics Team participated in our very first qualifying event this past Saturday at Academy High School. School and private teams from all over the Dallas area participated (20 teams).  The Jasper team (and our robot) performed well, finishing eighth.  We did not finish as high as we would have liked (sometimes your wheels come off at the worst time), but I was very impressed with how well the team worked together to solve all the issues they encountered. 

All in all, it was a great learning experience for the team.  As part of the competition, teams compete in matches against other robots/teams and also are judged by a panel of experts who spend about 20 minutes interviewing the team to learn about the team’s robot, how it was built, how the team is organized, how well they work together to solve engineering issues, and how well they document the process of building a robot. 

The Jasper team was recognized and received the Rockwall-Collins Innovation and Ingenuity Award as part of the judging and overall competition.  This reward is essentially a design award which means the judges chose the Jasper robot to be one of the more innovative robots at the competition.

A special thanks goes out to Mr. McQuiston and Mr. London for their support and assistance this year.

If you have one of the students listed below, please congratulate them on a job well done.  And if you don’t know who these great students are, I’ve attached a picture from this Saturday’s event.

Lillian Marquis
Anushka Saran
Mark Schara
Nikhil Narvekar
Subhayan Basu
Medhansh Gupta
Vidith Madhu
Ameya Khanapurka
Risha Valera
Dallas Mak
Neel Chavan
Eshan Damle
Peter Marineau

**Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday David Yue, Alice Hou, Khushi Thakkar and Ellen Qian competed in the Texas Junior Science and Humanities Symposium at Texas A&M University.  The students did an amazing job with amazing results.  Out of around 80 projects, David Yue placed 1st and Khushi Thakkar placed 4th!!  They will be going to San Diego in April to compete at the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.  Please congratulate ALL of these  awesome students for a job well-done!

**Please congratulate the following  students who competed in the Regional  Business Professionals of America competition held this past weekend.

Alice Hou, 2nd place, SQL Database Fundamentals
Brandon Chen, 2nd place,  Personal Financial Management

They will now move on to the state competition this March.

**We were thrilled back in November, when a team of Jasper students, Joy Fan, Anthony Jiang, Neha Kalakuntla, Jennifer Lin, Mukund Rao, Jacqueline Wei, David Yue and Michelle Zhang, were named one of the top 64 teams in the 2016-2017 International Public Policy Forum (IPPF), a worldwide debate tournament conducted over a period of months, in writing until the final round in May in New York City.

While teams from Plano West and Plano Senior have won this tournament in past years, no prior Jasper team has ever made it past the qualifying round. This year Jasper, Plano West, and Plano Senior are all, with only one other Texas school, among the Top 32 teams worldwide, still advancing!

Please congratulate these exceptional Jasper students when you see them, and wish them well in the round of 32!

**All State Band
Jasper has six All-State band members! All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can earn. There are three rounds of auditions and less than 1% of Texas high school students that enter make it to All-State!

Please congratulate:

Leon Chen, oboe
Jason Huang, bassoon
David Park, clarinet
Mukund Rao, flute
Jenny Tan, bassoon
Noah Yi, clarinet


**All State Choir
We had Area Choir Auditions on Saturday in Fort Worth. All of our candidates sang and represented Jasper so well. Jasper had 7 students -
Sophie Albert
Avantika Chellury
Vilasini Nayar
Jack Forden
Parsa Maboudian
Novin Nekoui
Daniela Diano
, a first alternate - ready to audition.
They are commended for making it to this level. There are thousands across the state who would like to have that chance to be at Area. As I talked to other directors, most of them had a few students auditioning. Some who had more were a 9-12 campus. Our Jasper 9-10 gives them a group to be aware of. After Saturday, now they know to watch out!!

Congratulations to Jack Forden and Vilasini Nayar for making the Texas All-State Choir!! Jack, a sophomore Tenor 2, will be a member of the Men's Choir and Vilasini, a freshman Alto 2 -  who is #1 in her section will be in the Mixed Choir. They will be performing in San Antonio at the TMEA convention in February with their All-State Choirs! They are probably either still in shock, way excited or a little zoned out today from their well-earned success!  Be encouraging to our other candidates – they are pretty bummed out, but positive towards Jack and Vilasini.

Thanks ALWAYS for your support!

** We are pleased to report that 43 Jasper students earned a spot in one of the 6A bands and a record 17 students advanced to the Area round of auditions! Area is the final round of the All-State audition process and those auditions will take place on January 7. We also had 9 students earn a position in the All-Region Symphony Orchestra.

Area Band Members
Dhvani Patel, Mukund Rao, Leon Chen, Noah Yi, David Park, Evan Li, Kenny Huang, Jenny Tan, Jason Huang, Kevin Li, Joey Allen, Eric Pacheco, Russell Struve, Emory McDowell, Max Fan, Austin Liu, Brandon Chen.


All-Region Band Members

Wind Ensemble
Flute: Mukund Rao
Oboe: Leon Chen
Bassoon: Jenny Tan (1st chair), Jason Huang(2nd chair)
Clarinet: Noah Yi (1st chair), David Park, Evan Li, Kenny Huang
Trumpet: Joey Allen
Horn: Eric Pacheco
Trombone: Russell Struve
Euphonium: Max Fan
Percussion: Brandon Chen

Symphonic Band
Piccolo: Dhvani Patel
Flute: Erin Jiang, Michelle Min, Angela Ge, Malvika Vaidya
Bassoon: Kevin Li
Clarinet: Andrew Zhang, Daniel Pearson
Bass Clarinet: Jyotishka Sen
Alto Sax: Mark Schara, Jason Tan
Trumpet: Jatin Himatsinghani
Trombone: Yukana Goto
Bass Trombone: Emory McDowell
Tuba: Austin Liu

Concert Band
Flute: Sahil Bolar
Clarinet: Jeffrey Xie, Sharanya Vunnava, Nicholas Zhong, Erica Chang
Bass Clarinet: Samantha Mathew, Andres Plascencia
Tenor Sax: Viswajith Rajagopalan
Trumpet: Jonathan Han, Ibuki Okano
Horn: Schachi Patel
Trombone: Daniel Sun
Euphonium: Marigrace McDowell
Tuba: Harshika Jha
Percussion: Daniel Schmitt

All-Region Symphony Orchestra
Mukund Rao, Leon Chen, Jenny Tan, Jason Huang, Noah Yi, David Park, Eric Pacheco, Russell Struve, Brandon Chen

**Auditions for the 9th Grade All-Region Band were Tuesday night and I’m pleased to report that Jasper placed 25 students in the band! We also had 8 students named as alternates.

Jasper had more students make the band than any other school in our region!


Erin Jiang
Kayla Wong
Malvika Vaidya

Sophia Jiang – 1st chair

Ian Fan
Cathy Shen, alternate

David Park – 1st chair
Daniel Pearson – 2nd chair
Evan Li – 3rd chair
Nicholas Zhong
Andrew Zhang
Sharanya Vunnava
Jeffrey Xie
Kritika Ramesh, alternate
Lauren Looi, alternate

Alto Sax
Oscar Wei

Bari Sax
Saket Gayake

Joey Allen – 1st chair
Jatin Himatsinghani – 2nd chair
Mariah Lima – 3rd chair
Jake Schumaker

Daniel Ryan, alternate

Bass Trombone
Elizabeth Mackenroth, , alternate

Zantha Buirse – 1st chair
Marigrace McDowell
Eshan Damle
Nick Maddox
Anuj Trivedi, , alternate

Soma Fukuta
Kaveri Iyengar
Marvin Martinez, alternate

Kavya Narayanan
Bruno Philippon, alternate
Daniel Schmitt, alternate

**We had a GREAT night last night!  Here are the results of the Pre-Area Auditions. Jasper has 6 students out of our 14 who will be advancing to the Area auditions in January J 
5 students from each of the 8 voice sections were chosen from our region of 9-12th graders.

Avantika Chellury   - Sop 1 - #3
Vilasini Nayar  - Alto 2 – NUMBER ONE!!...and a FRESHMAN
Sophie Albert – Alto 2 - #3 (just recovering from Strep throat)
Jack Forden – Tenor 2 - #5
Novin Nekoui – Tenor 1 - #5
Parsa Maboudian – Bass 1 - #4
Also named was
Daniela Diano – Sop 2 (#6 1st alternate)

SUPER EXCITED FOR EVERYONE!! Proud of all of the efforts from our students.
Jasper had the 3rd highest number of students selected!! Woohoo!!

**The Plano West FFA Chapter had a great night at the District V Leadership Development Events last night. We had 4 teams place 1st or 2nd and advancing to the Area V Contest on Saturday. As well as high marks as individual teams, we are in the running for overall best chapter in our district. This award will be announced at the district banquet in December. All of these teams worked extremely hard and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

If you see these students, congratulate them on a job well done and good luck on Saturday!

Agricultural Issues – 1st (Area Qualifier)
Moni Akinsola (Jasper)
Fiama Cruz (Shepton)
Sarah Diebert (Jasper)
Rebekah Flores (Shepton)
Callie Nunan (Shepton)

Greenhand Skills – 1st (Area Qualifier)
Alex Platt (Shepton)
Amelia Hughes (Shepton)
Hannah Hughes
Harrison Hornbrook (Shepton)
Greyson Slaughter (Jasper)

Greenhand Chapter Conducting – 2nd (Area Qualifier)
Zoe Nguyen (Jasper)
Ben Ganoe (Jasper)
Aleece Skogsbergh (Jasper)
Hannah Berryhill (Shepton)
Shayne Leckband (Shepton)
Brandon Sayegh (Jasper)
Taryn Chism (Shepton)
Kane Vasquez (Shepton)

Public Relations – 2nd (Area Qualifier)
Alexis Kool
Michaela Nix
Quinton Artho
Charles Wassberg

Greenhand Creed Speaking – 3rd
Zoe Nguyen (Jasper)

Agricultural Advocacy - 3rd
Jennifer Blanco
Michaela Eikelbarner
Brittany Feaster
Ryan Zodrow

Job Interview – 5th
Kate Bearden

Greenhand Quiz – 6th
Gabriel Eslao (Shepton)
Samantha Albright (Shepton)
Rachel Snyder (Shepton)
Kimberly Jiminez (Shepton)

Radio Broadcasting – 6th
Ali Flores
Blake Foley
Conner Grindinger (Jasper)

Senior Skills – 6th
Alex Hanna
Hannah Priddy
Conner Jarrell
Lane Evans
Pamela Murphy

Senior Quiz – 7th
Makayla Hecker
Shayla Farber
Kate Bearden
Alexis Baggett

Senior Creed Speaking – 12th
Blake Foley

**I have more wonderful news to share about our orchestra students. This past weekend, judging was held for the TMEA Texas All-State Orchestra- Area Competition and the official results have been released.

All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive. 1,600 students are selected through a process that begins with over 65,000 students from around the state vying for this honor to perform in one of 15 ensembles (bands, orchestras, and choirs). This competitive process begins throughout the state in auditions hosted by 31 TMEA Regions. Individual musicians perform selected music for a panel of judges who rank each instrument or voice part. From this ranking, a select group of musicians advances from their Region to compete against musicians from other Regions in seven TMEA Area competitions. The highest-ranking musicians judged at the TMEA Area competitions qualify to perform in a TMEA All-State music group. These All-State students participate in three days of rehearsals directed by nationally recognized conductors during the annual state TMEA Clinic/Convention. Their performances before thousands of attendees bring this extraordinary event to a close.

While most high schools might have a couple of students make All-State, Jasper alone has a record TWELVE students who earned this title! This is the highest honor for a high school music students and was no easy task for any of them as they each put around 300 hours of practice towards their audition. Their names are listed below and I hope that you will find a chance to congratulate each of them. They will take part in an unforgettable performance come February.

Jacqueline Jia *2nd year in a row
Samantha Liu  *2nd year in a row

Eric Zhang *2nd year.  Ranked 1st  in state!
Yenna Lee-Gannon *2nd Year. Ranked 7th overall
Hannah Sung

Bryan Han *Ranked 8th overall
Kihan Sung
Eddie Xu
Jett Wang
Shawn Ha
Caleb Park

Kevin Meng

**The following students will be competing in the District V LDE Contests tomorrow in Anna, TX
If you see these students, wish them good luck. They have worked very hard on their presentations and spent countless hours before school, during lunch and after school working with their teams.
They are responsible for all work they miss during 5th -7th periods.

Sarah Diebert
Moni Akinsola
Zoe Nguyen
Aleece Skogsbergh
Ben Ganoe
Brandon Sayegh
Greyson Slaughter

** This Saturday, Jasper competed in the UIL One Act Play competition against all of the other high schools in the district, as well as the Plano East Senior High IB Theatre Program.
We placed 3rd overall in the competition (Williams placed 2nd, and Shepton placed 1st), and the following students were honored:

Allison Ayo – Honorable Mention All-Star Cast
Hope Mayo – Honorable Mention All-Star Cast
Sinan Beskok – All-Star Cast
Alyssa Cohen – Outstanding Crew

**We have 5 students that have art work hanging in an art gallery in downtown Plano.  The Ten20 Gallery has so graciously allowed PISD high school students to experience what it is like to have their art hang in a gallery.  The reception is tonight at 7 and the pieces will be there until next Friday.  If you have the opportunity to come see the work please do so.  You will recognize our students art pieces because they are the best!

Student Artists:

Joyce He(10th)
Michelle Jiang (10th)
Ellen Qian(10th)
Maxwell Jiang (9th)
Andrea Zhou (10th)

**The band received first division ratings at UIL this past Saturday, Occtober 22.

**This past week 9 jasper students competed in the TJAS Science fair competition at Texas A & M.  Three of our students were first place in their category which qualify them to attend the National competition AAAS in Boston in February. We also had five 2nd place finishes and one 3rd. Please congratulate the students if they are in your classes.  ( Especially the 9th graders they rocked!  Best freshmen I have taken to early competitions)

David  Yue – 1st
Eric Zhang – 1st
Khushi Thakkar- 1st

Maansi  Srinivasan – 2nd
Kevin Meng – 2nd
Yiingi Wang – 2nd
Natash Chugh – 2nd
Sangita Vasikaran- 2nd

Jacob Mammen – 3rd

Pat Kite & Pamela Grow

**I am very excited to share with you that after submitting Jasper into the state wide competition known as TMEA Honor String Orchestra, the Legacy Orchestra was selected a finalist over the weekend and once again placed as the number two high school orchestra of Texas!

While Jasper orchestra has frequently ranked in the top 2 of all Texas high school orchestras, I need to remind everyone that we are an anomaly.  These are 9th and 10th graders earning this status while going up against high schools that are 9-12th grade, meaning we are technically a JV level orchestra placing higher than Varsity level groups.

I am constantly in awe of the amazing things our kids at Jasper are capable of.  Any orchestra that ranks as a finalist in the TMEA contest is performing at a near professional level and our students work so hard every year, in the first 7 weeks of school no less, to earn that status.

**This past Saturday was the Orchestra All-Region auditions. I’m happy to let everyone know that out of the 800 students from all the Plano and Frisco High Schools (9-12 grade) who competed for a place in the orchestras, 35 of our Jasper students earned a spot as well as 6 other students placing as an alternate! 14 of those students also earned a high enough ranking to audition at the All-State level in two weeks. The Jasper orchestra students had a more than impressive showing as they took a large portion of spots in the All-Region orchestras.  Below are those students. Please help me in congratulating them if you have them in your class.

Samantha Liu – Violin *All-State
Jacqueline Jia – Violin *All-State
Richard Liu – Violin
Grace Lee – Violin
Eric Ye – Violin

Eric Zhang – Viola *All-State
Yenna Lee-Gannon – Viola *All-State
Hanna Sung – Viola *All-State

Seung (Bryan) Han – Cello * All-State
Kihan Sung – Cello *All-State
Jett Wang – Cello *All-State
Shawn Ha – Cello *All-State
Eddie Xu – Cello *All-State
Caleb Park – Cello *All-State
Hunter Liang – Cello *All-State

Kevin Meng – Bass *All-State

Kevin Fang – Violin
Ellen Qian – Violin
Aditya Paul – Violin
Kesavan Venkatesh – Violin
Jimmy Ding – Violin
Destiny Dong – Violin
Sanjana Shriram – Violin
Emily Huang – Violin
Audrey Sun – Violin (Alternate)
Eric Zhang – Violin (Alternate)
Anqy Tong – Violin (Alternate)

Raghav Sriram – Viola
Johnathan Shih – Viola
Grace Zhu – Viola
Andrew Yu – Viola
Darren Huang – Viola

Ethan Tan – Cello
Vincent Huang – Cello
Daniel Cao – Cello

Jonathan Vasilyev – Bass *All-State
Caroline Peters – Bass (Alternate)

Kira McMahon – Violin
Tingfan Mao – Violin
Jeremy Hsu – Violin (Alternate)

Michael Igwe – Viola (Alternate)

**Region Choir Results:
Congratulations to all of the students who auditioned for Region Choir this past weekend. This is quite a big event just six weeks from the beginning of school! These kids have been practicing diligently – at home and school .  Thank you for your support of these students as they work to achieve their goal of making the Region Choir. We have so many talented students that are not placed in a choir. There is a big adjustment in the material and time frame experience from middle school to high school audition. This is in addition competing against juniors and seniors, allergies and colds that have hit and as always the “fear factor” aka nerves! I could not be prouder of the dedication and commitment from any of our students who take on this challenge regardless of placement. Way to go Jags!

Pre-Area Mixed Choir (these students advance to the next audition in November and will perform on the Region Concert )
Sophie Albert, Tim Anderson, Shivesh Basu, Avantika Chellury, Alex Collier, Daniela Diano, Paige Evans, Jack Forden, Parsa Maboudian, Rishi Malhotra, Chetan Moghe, Vilasini Nayar, Novin Nekoui and Megan Simmons.

Region Treble Choir (these students will perform on the Region Concert)
Rhea Karkera, Jasmine Lu, Zoe Pitts, Alex Poole, Divya Ramesh, Leena Sears, Caroline Shee, Morgan Smith, Shriya Telakalapalli, Anushri, Tripathi and Grace Yu


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