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Jasper High School is dedicated to providing a unified,
caring environment where each student will be
prepared to succeed in a diverse and challenging world.

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School information for the 2016-2017 school year

All the information you might need for the start of school is located on one webpage. Please click here for any questions about the start of school!

Moving over the summer?

Are you planning to move over the summer?
If you don’t think you’ll be attending school in Plano ISD in August,
please complete an “Next Year Notification” form. You may pick this form up from Mrs. Morgan at the registrar’s office. Please return the form to Mrs. Morgan by June 3, 2016.

If you are moving to another location within Plano ISD attendance boundaries, you must have an approved transfer to return to Jasper, in August.

If you have already moved and have not updated your address with Jasper, please bring in a current gas or electricity bill to the Counseling office as soon as possible so that we can update your address. Jasper High School mail will be delivered during the summer and we want to be certain that it is being sent to the correct address.

Schedule Changes for the 2016-2017 School Year

The deadline for turning in all course request changes is June 3, 2016. After Friday, June 3rd, scheduling change requests will not be accepted until Wednesday, August 31, 2016. Schedule change requests beginning August 31 will be considered for the following instances.

-Student no longer wants to participate in a performance-based course requiring an outside of the school day time commitment (athletics, band, orchestra, choir, cheer, drill team, debate or ROTC).

-Student needs to change levels. For example, a student is in an on level course and should be in an honors course or vice versa. Changes will be honored based on seat availability in courses.

Prior to August 31, 2016, the Counseling office will accept schedule change requests for the below instances.

-A student is enrolled in a class for which he/she has already received credit.

-Student has not met a course pre-requisite.

-Student does not have seven periods.

-Student has an obvious error, such as the same class scheduled twice or two classes scheduled in the same period.

-Student passes a credit-by-exam or an eSchool course and should be moved into a different class.


On-line registration for High School Summer School is available Monday, March 21st. Counselors must pre-approve courses in the registration portal.  To register, visit with your counselor about course selections, then login to parent portal and complete the student emergency information from any computer with internet access.  Courses pre-approved by the student’s counselor will be viewable and available for selection.  Online registration and payment is the most efficient and convenient way to enroll in Summer School courses. Questions regarding registration can be directed to the campus counseling office. 


First Session

June 13 - June 30

8:00 am - 1:30 pm

Second Session

July 5 - July 22

8:00 am - 1:30 pm

Session Break

July 1, July 4

Note:    On the last day of each session students will be released at 10:00 am.


Only one absence is permitted per session.


  • Plano East Senior High School, 3000 Los Rios Blvd, Plano TX 75074
    • English, Spanish, Math, Communication Applications and SAT-PSAT Preparation Classes.
  • Plano West Senior High School, 5601 West Parker Road, Plano, TX 75093
    • Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and Health.

For a comprehensive list of High School Summer School course offerings, visit:  http://www.pisd.edu/students/summer.school/high.school.shtml

Summer School Bus Schedules

Plano East Summer School Click here

Plano West Summer School Click here

Vines High School EOC Summer School Click here

Congressional Advisory Youth Council

To learn more about this oppertunity from Congressman Sam Johnson, please click here:http://samjohnson.house.gov/constituentservices/congressionalyouthadvisorycouncil.htm#apply

Campus Ratings

Jasper High School Exemplary Campus
2010 Reports

TAPR (Texas Academic Performance Reports)

**For results of athletic events, please click here on scoreboard.

**Plano West Boys Soccer:  Congratulations to the Wolf Pack Boys Varsity Soccer team on their fabulous winning season. The team advanced in the playoffs to finish their season as the Area Champs!  Thank you for supporting our Wolf Pack boys all season!  

**Two Jasper Jaguars have been selected to present their Science Fair projects, April 26th – May 1st, at ISWEEEP (International Sustainable Energy, Engineering, Environment Project) in Houston. Please congratulate these young scientists and wish them luck.

Aditya Arjun
Natasha Chugh

** Special Congratulations and Recognition goes to the Jasper Jazz Drill Team for impressive success at the MA Dance contest at Liberty High School last weekend on 2/27/16.  The Jazz came home with 31 awards and ranked #1 overall out of 25 schools competing.  The Jazz team won Super Sweepstakes for Team and Officer Division, and Best in Class among JV teams and JV officers.  They won best technique, choreography, and high points for all their team dances.  They won best technique, and choreography for all their officer routines.   In addition, their Trio performance with Scarlet Walls, Ashley Kadleck, and Marinee Fielding won 1st place, and the Duet with Tylee Evans and Adrianna Smith won 1st runner up. They also won 6 superior rating for solos by Gabby Tocci, Auburn Berry, Natalie Moore, Purva Sharma, Brooke Butler, and Lauren Hale.

**Orchestra UIL Results:
Over the past 2 days, all 5 of our orchestras travelled to Allen HS for UIL Concert & Sightreading Contest. I am happy to announce that Legacy, Camerata, Philharmonia, and Sinfonia orchestra all earned the highest ratings an orchestra can receive from all 6 judges resulting in a Sweepstakes award. Jasper Strings also earned a Superior rating from all 3 judges for their stage performance and an excellent rating the from the other 3 in the Sightreading room. Please take time to congratulate any orchestra student you may have as all of them had a part in preparing for our most important contest of the year.

Lastly, I need to thank our outstanding staff for their support. At the very last minute, I found out that I needed to travel home for my grandmother’s funeral  happening on Tuesday. Our other orchestra director, Brad Davis, who was already taking 2 of the Jasper orchestras to UIL that day AND a Clark orchestra, willingly took my group that was scheduled to perform that day just so I could make the trip to be with my family. On top of that, our AP’s Rob and Jeff, alongside Jackie, freed up their time in order to bus all 3 orchestras to/from Allen HS. I’m so grateful that you all made this possible.

An incredible showing by our Jasper students AND staff!


**The following students earned the honor to compete in STATE VASE competition:
Natasha Chugh
Angela Ge
Amanda He
Alice Hou
Michelle Jiang
Daming Lin
Christina Lu
Chaani Rao
Gayatri Sapra
Vivian Shi (2 artworks)
Jeffery Sun
Cynthia Yan
Stephanie Zhang

**This past weekend Jasper students competed in the Dallas Regional science fair.  We did an amazing job!  You should be so proud of these students..  Our 9th and 10th grade students are competing against Juniors and Seniors.  We had the most students advance to State and ISEF (International of any high school in the region!  We have 11 students moving on to State competition  and 2 students moving to International in Phoenix.

Plano East has 1 student , Darshin Shaastri, who was in our program last year and Plano West has 2 moving to international ,Brian Du and Nicky Wojtania , both from our program last year.

Please congratulate the following students for a job well done this  year.

Austin Katzer and Jason Smith  - 1st place in  Animal category .  They were called back for grand prize judging and were one of the 7 projects advancing to ISEF in May.  This is the first time these two 10th grade students have competed in Science Fair so this is an amazing accomplishment.  WOOHOOOO!!!!  They are the only 9/10 students advancing.

The Following Students are also advancing to State completion in San Antonio in April.
  Austin Katzer and Jason Smith -  1st place
 Natasha Chugh  - 1st place
 Alice Hao – 2nd Place
 Ryan Wang – 2nd Place
 David Yue – 2nd Place
 Vinay Vallab – 2nd Place
 Roy Xiong – 3rd
 Shree Mukherjee-3rd
  Aditya Arjun- 3rd
   Sangita Vasikaran-3rd

**Jasper took second, third and foruth place in World Quest!

**Congratulate these young ladies on a fantastic season!  District Champs 12-2. 
9thA, 9thB, and 10th   ALL beat Vines last night!
 Go lady Jags!    Super Proud of you all!
Siri Avirineni
Vanessa Bernal
Sejal Bhandari
Bailey Breaux
Rebecca Gu
Madison Jordon
Carolina Kane
Ariana Mendez
Mackenzie Neal
Rachel Nevant
Emily Nugyen
Jennifer Nugyen
Paloma Paez Grund
Shriya Senguttuvan
Brittney Tucker
Shi Ingram
Alexis Edwards 

**Jasper has seven All-State band members!!!! The following students have been named Texas All-State Musicians and will be in San Antonio next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, February 10-12.  They know they are responsible for their assignments.

All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive. Over 60,000 Texas high school students participated in the selection process that began last fall and has included three rounds of auditions. Their final audition will be Wednesday to determine ensemble and chair placement.

These All-State students will participate in three days of rehearsals and clinics led by nationally recognized conductors and will perform a concert before thousands of attendees on Saturday, February 13.

Leon Chen, 255926
Sarah Chen, 263455
Sooyong Lee, 252565
Jason Smith, 258716
Russell Struve, 265321
Noah Yi, 321711
Matthew You, 246600

**9th grade boys B team champs

Please help me in congratulating these players in their great season.

Ryan Thompson #1
Hatim Hashim #2
Jacob Carroll #3
Dhruv Chawla #4
Tony Merlene #5
Luke Wilson #10
Andrew Chang #11
Chase Martin #12
Rafey Naqvi #13
Paritosh Suri #14
Abhinav Dommaraju #15
Matt Knauth #21
Noah Karesh #22
Kenayo Fredrick #23
Alex Akomer #40

**State German Competition
We took 6th Place overall sweepstakes for small programs (2 year school).

German Level 1 Skit: Snow White and Rose Red = 4th Place
Maddie Devoll – Snow White, Kavya Donepudi – Rose Red, Alexis Merker – Mama, William Dang – Bear, Thomas Varner – Prince, Evan Davidoff – Prop-master extraordinare, Noah Ogata – dwarf, Dak Bhatia - dwarf

2nd Place Level 1 Prose Reading = Alexis Merker
2nd Place Level 1 Reading Comprehension Test = Alexis Merker

10th Place Level 1 Reading Comprehension Test = William Dang

Club Album = 10th Place
Designed during block lunches by Kayla Stevens-Schmidt, Alexis Merker, Dak Bhatia, Jack Snowman and Husnain Noorbhai

8th Place Digital Logo Design = Husnain Noorbhai
8th Place Level 2 Directed Dialogue = Husnain Noorbhai
5th Place Level 2 Culture Test = Husnain Noorbhai

3rd Place Level 1 Culture Test = Luke Lubin

7th Place Level 1 Directed Dialogue = Dak Bhatia
7th Place Level 1 Sight Reading = Dak Bhatia

3rd Place Level 1 Directed Dialogue = Kavya Donepudi
4th Place Level 1 Listening Comprehension Test = Kavya Donepudi
6th Place Level 1 Poetry Memory = Kavya Donepudi
8th Place Level 1 Poetry Reading = Kavya Donepudi

4th Place Extemporaneous Speaking, Advantaged Speaker = Kayla Stevens-Schmidt
6th Place Poetry Memory, Advantaged Speaker = Kayla Stevens- Schmidt

10th Place Level 1 Poetry Reading = Sophie Jeon
10th Place Level 1 Prose Reading = Sophie Jeon

These former Jaguars also did extremely well!
Darah McIlwain – 3rd Place Vocal Solo
Izzy Tran – 10th Place Vocal Solo
Izzy Tran – 4th Place Level 4 Listening Comprehension Test
Elizabeth Munns – Extemporaneous Speaking Level 3
5th Place Level 3 Culture Test – Nathan Norseworthy
Varisty Pass Auf (German Language and Cultural Trivia) – Nathan Norseworthy
7th Place Level 3 Skit – Elizabeth Munns, Kelly Tracey, Halle Schultz, Rhea Bhatia

**German Winterfest Competition
Meat Dish
2nd Place= Laura Worthen
5th Place= James Schulze
7th Place= Ben Evans
1st = Laura Worthen
7th Place = Noah Ogata
1st Place= Kayla Stevens-Schmidt
8th Place= Kristen Goodrich
Other Desserts
4th Place= Maddie Devoll
Black and White Art
4th Place = Lillian Marquis
8th Place = Daisy Salinas 
Oils and Acrylics
10th Place = Maddie Devoll
Club Album
3rd Place= Alexis Merker, Dak Bhatia, Kayla Stevens-Schmidt, Jack Snowman, Kristen Goodrich
4th= Alexandria Bennett, Laura Embree 
Doll Costume
4th Place= Alexandria Bennett
Original Craft
4th Place= William Dang
Digital Logo Design
2nd= Husnain Noorbhai
4th Place= Antony Ksendzoff
Traditional Gingerbread House
4th Place= Claire Fally, Samantha Morales
NON-Traditional Gingerbread House
6th Place= Claire Fally, Samantha Morales
Music Events
Instrumental Solo
1st Place= Anna Rutherford
            Vocal Solo (sung in German)
5th Place= Sophie Jeon
7th Place= Sean Morgan
Contemporary Music (sung in German)
2nd Place= Antony Ksendzoff
Oral Tests (spoken extemporaneously in German!!!!)
Directed Dialogue Level 1
1st Place= Marija Tsaturova
3rd Place = Dak Bhatia
4th Place= Kavya Donepudi
5th Place= Anna Rutherford
Directed Dialogue Level 2
1st Place= Husnain Noorbhai
5th Place= Luiz Pavao
6th Place= Illia Volkov
Extemporaneous Speaking, Advantaged
2nd Place= Charles Smith
5th Place= Kayla Stevens-Schmidt
Sight Reading Level 1
2nd Place= Dak Bhatia
9th Place= Lillian Marquis
Sight Reading Level 2
1st Place= Allison Taylor
7th Place= Sean Morgan
 Acting Events (completely done in German!!!)
Duet Acting Level 2
1st Place= Analla Smith and Dustin Kiehl
Skit Level 1
1st Place= Jasper HS: Evan Davidoff, Kavya Donepudi, Lillian Marquis, Dak Bhatia, William Dang, Alexis Merker, Maddie Devoll, Noah Ogata, Michael Croft, Thomas Varner
2nd Place= Shepton HS: Anna Rutherford, Jon Saysy, Jared Judd, Laura Worthen, Lauryn Wilson, Kris Harmon, Antony Ksendzoff, Marija Tsaturova, Alex Young, Trisztan Tari, Shania Tobias, James Schulze
Best Actor= William Dang
Best Actress= Anna Rutherford
Skit Level 2
1st Place= Shepton HS: Leo Aragundi, Illia Volkov, Victor Guerrero, Analla Smith, Dustin Kiehl, Claire Fally, Samantha Morales, Daisy Salinas, Blessing Saungweme, Brock Terry, Alexis Baggett, Christy Wendt
4th Place= Jasper HS: Kayla Stevens-Schmidt, Charles Smith, Ethan Krupp, Danielle Sigler, Tara Kilkenny, Kristen Goodrich, Ben Evans, Husnain Noorbhai, Jack Snowman, Luiz Pavao, Mason Lybbert, Chris Djinov
Best Actor= Blessing Saungweme
Best Actress= Analla Smith
Written Tests
Culture Test Level 1
1st Place= Luke Lubin
2nd Place= Alex Young
10th Place= Noah Ogata 
Culture Test Level 2
1st Place= Jack Snowman
7th Place= Husnain Noorbhai
Grammar Test Level 1
3rd Place= Anna Rutherford
6th Place= Laura Worthen
9th Place= Lillian Marquis
Grammar Test Level 2
9th Place= Allison Taylor
10th Place= Husnain Noorbhai
Listening Comprehension Test Level 1
5th Place= Kavya Donepudi
8th Place= Lauryn Wilson
9th Place= Luke Lubin
10th Place= Marija Tsaturova
Listening Comprehension Test Level 2
4th Place= Allison Taylor
7th Place= Claire Fally
Reading Comprehension Test Level 1
2nd Place= Alexis Merker
4th Place= William Dang
7th Place= Lauryn Wilson
9th Place= Sophie Jeon
Reading Comprehension Test Level 2
1st Place= Victor Guerrero
2nd Place= Ben Evans
4th Place= Analla Smith 
Spelling Test Level 1
6th Place= Dak Bhatia
Spelling Test Level 2
4th Place= Allison Taylor
5th Place= Sean Morgen
7th Place= Alexis Baggett
Vocabulary Test Level 1
6th Place= Dak Bhatia
7th Place= Anna Rutherford
10th Place= William Dang
Vocabulary Test Level 2
3rd Place= Claire Fally
5th Place= Allison Taylor
Declamation Events (recited in German!!!)
Poetry Memory Level 1
2nd Place= Kava Donepudi

5th Place= Thomas Varner
4th Place= Trisztan Tari
7th Place= Lillian Marquis
Poetry Memory Level 2
1st Place= Illia Volkov 
Poetry Memory Advantaged Speaker
1st Place= Kayla Stevens-Schmidt
2nd Place= Charles Smith
Poetry Reading Level 1
2nd Place= Antony Ksendzoff
3rd Place= Kavya Donepudi
4th Place= Sophie Jeon
6th Place= Dak Bhatia
Poetry Reading Level 2
6th Place= Allison Taylor
7th Place= Husnain Noorbhai
8th Place= Analla Smith
Prose Memory Level 1
1st Place= Anna Rutherford 
Prose Memory Level 2
2nd Place= Brock Terry
Prose Reading Level 1
2nd Place= Anna Rutherford
3rd Place= Sophie Jeon
4th Place= Alexis Merker
6th Place= Marija Tsaturova
Prose Reading Level 2
1st Place= Allison Taylor
8th Place= Alexis Baggett
10th Place= Kristen Goodrich
 Other Academic Events
Scavenger Hunt (In German)
1st Place= Jasper HS: Danielle Sigler and Kristen Goodrich

Pass Auf (Essentially Whiz Quiz about German history, culture, politics, geography, language and grammar)
6th Place= Jasper: Husnain Noorbhai, Ethen Krupp, Luiz Pavao, Mason Lybbert, Kavya Donepudi, Noah Ogata, Luke Lubin, Chris Djinov
10th Place= Shepton: Blessing Saungweme, Alex Young, Trisztan Tari, Jared Judd, Claire Fally
Academic Sweepstakes, Small Programs
1st Place= Jasper
2nd Place= Shepton
Overall Sweepstakes, Small Programs
1st Place= Jasper
2nd Place= Shepton

Former Stallions, Current Wolves Who Won Awards
David Gutschenritter, Danielle Steiner, Joe Martinez, Lauren Finan, Kyle Newman, Nicholas Faulconer, Analina Tunnell, Fisnik Kaloshi

Former Jaguars, Current Wolves Who Won Awards
Izzy Tran, Nathan Norseworthy, Ramin Nourbakhsh, Darah McIlwain, Clara Bae, Matt Olenski


**Congratulations to the Jasper High School Whiz Quiz team. They came in second place in the city whiz quiz tournament. The tournament includes all three senior high teams. This is a huge accomplishment to beat out the two other senior highs and make it a close match with Plano Senior High.

** Phase 1 and 2 Auditions for the 6A All-Region Band were Saturday and Monday. We are pleased to share that Jasper placed 24 students in the 6A bands and had 10 students named as alternates. Jasper also had 10 students advance to the Area round of auditions. These students will audition in January for a spot in the Texas All-State Band.

Dhvani Patel, alternate

Sarah Chen - advanced to Area!
Karen Liu
Mukund Rao
Hannah Kim
Megan Shen
Jeffrey Sun, Alternate
Sahil Bolar, Alternate

Leon Chen, 1st chair in the region, advanced to Area!

Jenny Tan, advanced to Area!

Sooyong Lee, 1st chair in the region, advanced to Area!
Noah Yi, advanced to Area!
Jason Smith, advanced to Area!
Daphne Zhu, advanced to Area!
Kenny Huang, advanced to Area!
Nathan Huang
Zachary Desai

Bass Clarinet
Jyotishka Sen
Samantha Mathew

Contra-Bass Clarinet
Alex Yang

Alto Saxophone
Matthew You, 1st chair in the region, advanced to Area!
Krishna Thirumalai
Mark Schara, alternate

Baritone Saxophone
Cody Fang, alternate

Catherine Xie
Shachi Patel, alternate

Russell Struve, advanced to Area!

Bass Trombone
Advait Sankaramanchi
Emory McDowell, alternate

Max Fan
Matthew Browning, alternate

Austin Liu

Dishan Abeysinghe, alternate
Kaitlyn Ng, alternate

**Please congratulate the following awards at the district One-Act Competition. 
Dominic Burke and I are extremely proud of our Treasure Island cast/crew.

Please congratulate them on a good show and for the following awards:
Sinan Beskok: Honorable Mention All Star Cast
David Tallant: All Star Cast
Jacob Santo: All Star Technician

**Please congratulate the 2015 FFA District LDE Winners:
Greenhand Quiz- 1st place- Area Qualifier
Shayla Farber
Pricilla Goicochea

Greenhand Creed Speaking- 4th place
Sarah Deibert

Senior Chapter Conducting- 5th Place
Jennifer Blanco

**Auditions for the 9th Grade All-Region Band were last night at Vines HS. We are proud to announce that 22 Jasper students made the band with 6 of those earning first chair! Both of these totals are the highest in the region! We also had an additional 8 students named as alternates.

Please congratulate the following students:

Dhvani Patel, piccolo, 1st Chair!
Hannah Kim, flute - 1st Chair!
Mukund Rao, flute
Sahil Bolar, flute
Michelle Min, flute, alternate
Angela Ge, flute, alternate
Leon Chen, oboe – 1st Chair!
Neha Kalakuntla
Jenny Tan, Bassoon
Noah Yi, clarinet – 1st Chair!
Kenny Huang, clarinet
Jyotishka Sen, bass clarinet
Samantha Matthew, bass clarinet, alternate
Mark Schara, alto saxophone
Jason Tan, alto saxophone
Caitlyn Prill, alto saxophone, alternate
Viswajith Rajagopalan, tenor saxophone, alternate
Ibuki Okano, trumpet
Jonathan Han, trumpet, alternate
Grant Fabbri, trumpet, alternate
Shachi Patel, horn
Eric Pacheco, horn
Russell Struve, trombone – 1st Chair!
Daniel Sun, trombone, alternate
Emory McDowell, bass trombone – 1st Chair!
Max Fan, euphonium
Austin Liu, tuba
Harshika Jha, tuba
Aahir Srinath, percussion
Brandon Chen, percussion

**There is more exciting news in the orchestra world. This past weekend, judging was held for the TMEA Texas All-State Orchestra- Area Competition and the official results were released yesterday.

All-State is the highest honor a Texas music student can receive. 1,600 students are selected through a process that begins with over 65,000 students from around the state vying for this honor to perform in one of 15 ensembles (bands, orchestras, and choirs). This competitive process begins throughout the state in auditions hosted by 28 TMEA Regions. Individual musicians perform selected music for a panel of judges who rank each instrument or voice part. From this ranking, a select group of musicians advances from their Region to compete against musicians from other Regions in seven TMEA Area competitions. The highest-ranking musicians judged at the TMEA Area competitions qualify to perform in a TMEA All-State music group. These All-State students participate in three days of rehearsals directed by nationally recognized conductors during the annual state TMEA Clinic/Convention. Their performances before thousands of attendees bring this extraordinary event to a close.

Listed below are the Jasper students who have made All-State this year and will take part in an incredible performance in February.


Jaqueline Jia
Samantha Liu

Eric Zhang- Ranked 2nd overall in the state
Yenna Lee-Gannon- Ranked 6th overall
Navin Ahire- Ranked 9th overall (2nd year as an All-Stater)
Luke Fullington

Angel Yi- Ranked 6th overall in the state (2nd year as an All-Stater)

**It is with great pleasure to announce that after submitting Jasper into a state wide competition known as TMEA Honor String Orchestra, the Legacy Orchestra was selected a finalist over the weekend and ranked as the number two high school orchestra of Texas!

This is a huge accomplishment for the students as this is a contest that typically receives attention from across the nation! It is a testament to their work ethic and commitment to music. What’s even more special to note is that as a 9-10 campus, we are technically a JV orchestra that has competed against and placed higher than Varsity level orchestras all consisting of 9-12th graders.

Also, I would like to let everyone know that the state winner and TMEA Honor String Orchestra of 2016 is the Plano West Chamber Orchestra, conducted by our former Jasper director, Ryan Ross.

If you would like to hear our performance that was recorded and submitted, I’ve uploaded all 3 pieces to our Youtube channel.




**Our Jasper students did a great job at TJAS again this year. To achieve this level of success given the caliber of projects presented is truly amazing. All five of our entrants placed 1st or second in their category with two of them qualifying for National AJAS in Washington DC in Februaary.
Please congratulate the following students:

                          Sydney Tay – 1st Place Biochemistry ,  Qualified for Nationals
                           Wenyao (John) Li -  1st Place Engineering – Qualified for Nationals

                           David Yu – 2nd place Engineering/Mathmatics
                           Ritesh Gautum – 2nd place Engineering/Energy
                           Natasha Chung- 2nd place Behavioral Science

**Congratulations to the following students that were named to the All Region Orchestra.

Andrew Chang* – 12 (vln I)
Samantha Liu* – 15 (vln I)
Jacqueline Jia* – 2 (vln II)
Kevin Bai – 6 (vln II)
Tim Wang  – 20 (vln II)

Navin Ahire*- 1 (Principal)
Luke Fullington*- 4
Eric Zhang*- 5
Yenna Lee-Gannon*- 9

Angel Yi*- 8


Richard Liu- 2 (vln I)
Grace Lee- 9 (vln I)
Ellen Qian- 12 (vln I)
Kevin Fang- 14 (vln I)
Kathleen Shao- 17 (vln I)
Eric Ye- 1 (Principal 2nd)
Jennifer Zhang- 3 (vln II)
Heewon Kim- 15 (vln II)
Jennifer Xia- 16 (vln II)

Hanna Sung- 2
Darren Huang- 3
Johnathan Shih- 6
Zoie Fan- 10
Raghav Sriram- 11
Briana Zhang- 13

Shawn Ha- 1 (Principal)
Caleb Park- 2
Ethan Tan- 4
Hunter Liang- 5
Jett Wang- 8
Abby Rex- 16
Vincent Huang- 1st Alternate


**Congratulations to the Jasper High School Legacy Orchestra that was earned the 2015 Mark of Excelllence winners.

**Congratulations Region Choir Members!


Mixed Pre-Area

Bhatt, Ritu

Mixed Pre-Area

Clayton, Lucas

Mixed Pre-Area

Desai, Ananya

Mixed Pre-Area

Forden, Jack

Mixed Pre-Area

Kiasaleh, Alison

Mixed Pre-Area

Massoudi, Sara

Mixed Pre-Area

Patys, Nicholas

Mixed Pre-Area

Walker, Aaron

Mixed Pre-Area

Gaetjen, Anthony

1st Alternate Mixed

Patel, Raul

2nd Alternate Mixed

Givens, Megan


Kasturi, Devi

Treble - 1st Alternate Mixed

Kurian, Annie


Pitts, Zoe


Stevens, Adriana


Yu, Grace


Nayak, Sachi

1st Alternate Treble

Abbas, Aliza


Baumbach, Adeline


Collier, Alex


Guiou, Andrew


Jeon, Sophie


Maboudian, Parsa


Malhotra, Rishi


Moghe, Chetan


Smith, Morgan


**Congratulations to our Jasper band students for earning First Division, Superior, Ratings from each of the 3 UIL format judges at the Plano East Marching Invitational! The band also earned Superior Ratings in Music, Percussion, Guard, and Drum Major performance!

**Please congratulate David Yue  if he is in your class.  He came in  first place at the prestigious Broadcom Masters competition this past week in California.  Only 30 students from all 50 states are invited to attend.  He is an amazing young scientist!  He also won $3,500 dollars in scholarship money for the school of his choice.

First place: David Yue, Plano, Texas for his project on 3-D x-ray reconstruction processing and its application to cancer prevention.

**Please congratulate the following Jasper Jaguars who were accepted to present at the prestigious Texas Junior Academy of Sciences 2015 (TJAS) symposium at Texas A&M, College Station, on October 19th thru’ 21st. These students will be absent all three days and recognize that they are responsible for making up any missed assignments.

9th Grade
Natasha Chugh           Behavioral and Social Sciences      Shower Water Usage Reminder System

David Yue                   Mathematics                                 Stereoscopic Three-Dimensional X-Ray Reconstruction Processing and its Application to Cancer Prevention


10th Grade
Wenyao ( John ) Li       General Engineering                     Using Nanoscale Interdigitated Electrode Arrays to Detect Biomolecules

Sydney Tay                  Biochemistry                                    NO+ Just an Ice Bucket Challenge: Additive Effect of Riluzole and Inhibiting Nitric Oxide Level in Prolonging Life

Ritesh Gautam           Engineering/Energy                       The Creation and Use of Graphene in Modern day Electrolytic Super Capacitors


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(maintained by the Assistance Center of Collin County)