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Jasper High School is dedicated to providing a unified,
caring environment where each student will be
prepared to succeed in a diverse and challenging world.

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Parent visitors during school hours

Parents and visitors are allowed to park in the visitor section in the north teacher lot. The first row of parking closest to the building is reserved for visitors. Please utilize these spots when you have business at school during the day. Please remember that you must have a drivers licence to enter the building at any time for any reason.

SBIC Members Needed

Please find a letter about a request for parent members on our Jasper SBIC committee.

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Student pictures and Retakes

It is not too late to purchase those pictures since every student had their picture taken. Simply follow this link to purchase pictures:


If they were absent or need to retake their picture, there will be an opportunity to get this done on Friday, September 23.


Students are expected to be picked up within 15 minutes after the a event is over. If a student is not picked up in this time frame, the student is jeopardizing their privilege of attending events for the rest of the year. It is suggested you call home at the beginning of the fourth quarter or third match in volleyball games. If it is a performance, the student should call home at intermission or before the last group is performing. If you have any questions about this, please see an administrator.


Students, as we begin the year and start attending extra-curricular events, please keep in mind that the Student Code of Conduct is still in force while at these events. This is true even if you are at another campus or PISD site like a football stadium. Any violation of the Student Code of Conduct could jeopardize your student status here at Jasper. When attending games at one of the PISD stadiums, please adhere to the following rules when attending games at all Plano ISD Stadiums:

  1. Backpacks are prohibited and will not be allowed inside the stadium.
  2. Body painting is not allowed.  Face painting and painted t-shirts are allowed.
  3. Masks and other face coverings are not allowed.
  4. All food and drinks from the outside are prohibited.
  5. Signs must be positive, appropriate and promote the participants.
  6. No balls are allowed in the stadium except on the field of play.
  7. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco product and weapons are prohibited by law.
  8. Patrons who leave the stadium will be required to purchase a ticket to re-enter.
  9. Only authorized personnel will be admitted onto the field.
  10.  Air horns are prohibited per UIL rules.
  11.  Animals, other than service animals, are not allowed in the stadium.
  12.  No Powder
Visitors to Campus

ALL visitors entering the building will now have to have their Driver’s License with them to be Raptored in. This includes picking up students, volunteering, counseling or teacher meetings. Please remember to bring it with you from your car!


Yearbooks are available to be purchased online beginning August 1.  These may be purchased with a credit card at www.jostensyearbooks.com .

Campus Ratings

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