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"At Plano,
counselors work closely with students, parents, teachers & administrators on personal growth and issues of concern that face students on a daily basis."

Welcome to the Plano Senior High School Counseling Center

Attention 11th grade students:  If you have requested to take a Dual Enrollment course next fall, please know registration and payment must be made by May 26th.  To assist you with the enrollment process and completing your application, a representative from Collin College will be here at Plano Senior High in Room A101 on Monday, March 27th from 8:00 am until 4:45 pm.  If you have not yet completed your Collin College application, please stop by anytime on the 27th in order to be able to register and pay for the course you need prior to the deadline.

2017 Spring Testing Schedule

Click to view the Spring Testing Schedule

NAVIANCE - College Application Procedures

Click to view the Application Instructions
Click to view the College 101 Slides
Click to view the Naviance Overview Video for 12th Graders
Click to view the Naviance Overview Video for 11th Graders

Blue Packet

The Blue Packet is online! Print, sign and return the blue packet to your counselor at least 3 weeks
prior (due to the increase for recommendation letters) to the date you wish to have it submitted. Don't forget to also print the teacher report for each of your 5 selected teachers.

Academic Conference Guide

Video: Introduction to the Academic Conference for juniors and their parents

Location, Hours & Phone

Location: The Counseling Center is located in the northern end of Building B's East Hallway.

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM-4:30 PM

The Center is closed on School Holidays.

Phone Number:
CEEB Code: 445565

Counseling Center

At Plano, fulfilling students' needs are the first concern of the counselors and staff at the Counseling Center. Acting as an on-campus guardian, Plano's counselors provide a multitude of helpful services including enrolling new students, counseling students on class selections, and most of all, guiding students to their fullest potential.

Our counselors also provide comprehensive information and advice on future decisions including college admissions, financial aid and careers.

In addition, counselors work closely with students, parents, teachers and administrators on personal growth and issues of concern that face students on a daily basis.

Counseling Staff

Lisa Brown
Lisa Brown

Director of

469 752 9316

Susan Weiner

Last Names:

Galen McCormack

Last Names:

469 752 9417

Joel Brzezinski

Last Names:

469 752 9317

Nancy Erickson

Last Names:

469 752 9320

Giovanna James

Last Names:

469 752 9416

Junie Jones

Last Names:

469 752 9321

Dr. Lance Davis

Last Names:

469 752 9322

Grace Delgado

Last Names:

469 752 9442

Mark Hundley

Last Names:

469 752 9319

Becky Heslep

Last Names:

469 752 9318

Melissa Choate

to the

469 752 9420

Patty Jo McCauley


469 752 9315