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Name Extension Subjects
Barnard, Lyudmyla X39478 Honors Algebra 2, Precalculus
Blois, Anne x39357 AB Calculus, Honors Precalculus AB
Bobo, Peyton x39366 Algebra 2, AQR, Assistant Swim Coach
Costello, Donna x39363 BC Calculus, AB Calculus, Honors Precal AB, Math Department Chair
Curry, Randall X39422 AB Calculus, Precalculus, Cheer Coach
Dailey, Cassie x39368 Algebra 2, AQR, Algebra 2 Team Leader
Dalal, Ami x39321 AB Calculus, Honors Precal AB
Day, Suzanne X39358 Algebra 2, Aerospace Engineering
Dehdari, Amy   Math Models
Doyle, Liz X39353 Precalculus, AQR
Gallatin, Cindy x39477 AP Computer Science, Computer Science 3 Honors
Gulam, Sabahat x39369 AQR, Precaculus
Harris, Lori x39354 Honors Precalculus, Math Lab, Honors Precal Team Leader
Ituarte-Olivas, Aramy x39364 Geometry, ESL
Kowalski, Rachael x39356 Honors Precalculus BC, Precalculus, Precal Team Leader
Martinez, Anibal x39360 Honors Precaculus BC, Algebra 2
McKown, Amanda x39362 Algebra 2, Math Models, Math Models Team Leader
Strecker, Deb x39583 Precalculus, Principals of Engineering
Walker, Susan x39361 AP Statistics
Wilkes, Kim x39479 Precalculus, Algebra 2
Yee, Bryan x39359 AP Statistics, Math LabPrecalculus
Yee, Jonathan x39485 Computer Science 1 & 2, AP Computer Science, Networking, Math Models

*Email addresses are first name followed by a period, then last name, and the Example: To call a phone extensions dial 469-752-9300 then enter the extension when prompted.


Updated 9/11/2014