Bill of Rights Application


Each of these descriptions relates to a guarantee in the Bill of Rights.  In the space beneath each one,

1.      write the specific right or freedom involved and

2.      the number of the amendment that protects that right or freedom.


1.      The Johnson family refuses to house two US Marines in their home when told by the company captain they must do so.




2.      The Smithvile telegraph prints various editorial viewpoints on current issues.




3.      The school day at Valley City High School cannot begin the day with prayers in the classroom.




4.      Detective Brown lists statistics that show the sale of handguns is blamed for many deaths.




5.      The Grant’s house is being purchased by the county for a new highway.  Mr. Smith is suing the county for more money.




6.      Students from Central High School wish to meet in the city square to protest curfew laws.




7.      Roscoe has been found not guilty of murder.  The prosecutor is disappointed because he cannot appeal Roscoe’s verdict.




8.      Jeff made a presentation to the American Civil Liberties Union on rights of juveniles.




9.      Joseph is publicly whipped for stealing a loaf of bread from the local grocery store.




10. A large group of men and women write letters to their congressman urging him to support the Equal Rights Amendment.



11. Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones go to court to settle an argument over a tree that is on Mr. Smith’s yard but hangs over Mr. Jones’ new cement driveway.




12. Miss Green argued that the police had no right to take belongings from her house even though the police had found illegal drugs there.




13. Edna’s attorney argued that her trial should be held as soon as possible.




14. Jerry had to remain in jail until he was able to post a $500 bond.




15. Governor Fish wanted his state to consider new liquor laws since they are not under the federal government’s domain.




16. Senator Russell argued that the federal government has no right to control marijuana sales since this right is not mentioned in the Constitution.




17. Alice demanded to confront, in court, the eyewitness who claimed to have seen her commit a burglary.




18. Frank is told by the police he may have his lawyer present when he is questioned about the jewelry store burglary.




19. Jill refuses to answer the prosecuting attorney’s question in court because her answer may get her into legal difficulty.




20. Before George is arrested for stealing funds from Sommerville Industries, the evidence is reviewed by the local county grand jury.  They decide there is sufficient evidence for an arrest.