Walk Through The Constitution

Questions for Discussion


The Preamble


1.What does the Preamble have to do with the Social Contract Theory?


2.Originally, the first draft of the Preamble read:


††††††††††† We, the People of the states of New York, New Jersey, etc. (13 states)...


†††† If we had accepted this version, how might it have affected the history of our country?


3.List the SIX purposes of American government as stated in the Preamble.


††††††††††† A.establish a more perfect union

††††††††††† B.

††††††††††† C.

††††††††††† D.

††††††††††† E.

††††††††††† F.


Article I


1.Section 1.Under the Articles of Confederation, we had one branch of government.The

††††††††††††††††††††††† Legislature consisted of one house.Why did the Framers of the Constitution

††††††††††††††††††††††† divide the legislative power between two houses?



2.Section 2, Clause _____: What are the qualifications for the House of Representatives?



3. Section 2, Clause __3___:Why is this clause obsolete today?



4.Section 2, Clause _____:What is meant by impeachment?



5.Section 3, Clause _____: What are the qualifications for the Senate?



6.Section 3, Clause __1__:Why and how was this clause changed?



7.Section 3, Clause _____:What position does the Vice President hold in the legislative branch?


8.Section 3, Clause _____:What is the title of the officer that will serve if the Vice President is absent?


9.Section 3, Clause _____:Describe an impeachment trial.


10.Section 7, Clause _1__:What types of bills must begin in the House of Representatives?This was a result of what compromise during the convention?


11.Section 7, Clause _____: What can the President do to the bills presented to him?



12.Section 7, Clause _____: What is the procedure for overriding the Presidentís veto?


Article II


1.Section 1, Clause _____:Who can be President of the United States?



2.Section 1, Clause _____:Can the President receive a pay raise during his/her term?



3.Section 1, Clause _____:Who administers the Presidential oath of office?



4.Section 2, Clause _____:Was the pardon of Richard Nixon by President Gerald Ford

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† constitutional?



5.Section 2, Clause _____:What body (or group) must consent to major presidential ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† appointments?



6.Section 3:†††††††††††††††††††††††††† According to this section, what must the President give to Congress?




Article III


1.†† How are members of the Supreme Court and all other federal courts chosen?



2.What qualifications does Article III say one must have to be a federal judge?



3. Besides creating the Judicial Branch, Article III speaks of what important right of the





The Federal Article or Interstate Relations


Article IV - Section 1 -- Full Faith and Credit Clause


1.†††††††† Joe and Jane marry in Texas. They move to California.Are they married under California law?


2. ††††††† Joe and Jane marry in Texas.Jane then goes to Reno, Nevada, and obtains a divorce.Will Texas recognize the divorce?



Section 2 -- Interstate Citizenship


1.†††††††† Can Alaska require private employers in the oil and gas exploration and transportation business to use only Alaska residents to alleviate its unemployment problem?


2.†††††††† In 1984, Utah Governor Scott M. Matheson rejected an extradition request from Illinois for a business official wanted for murder because of an industrial accident in one of his companyís plants.Is that constitutional?



3.†††††††† What is the historic significance of Clause 3?



4.†††††††† What is the status of this clause today?



Section 3 -- Admitting New States


1.†††††††† Who can admit new states to the United States?


2.†††††††† What restrictions are placed on the admission of new states?



Section 4 -- Form of Government


1.†††††††† What type of government is guaranteed to every state in the United States?


2.†††††††† In 1842, the people of Rhode Island elected two governments, each of which claimed to be the legitimate government of the state.Under our Constitution, how is a crisis of this nature resolved?



Article V -- Methods of Amendment


1.†††††††† Is there a part of the Constitution that cannot be amended?



2.†††††††† What two groups may propose amendments to the Constitution?



3.†††††††† What percentage of the states must agree to ratify an amendment to the Constitution?



4.†††††††† When was the last constitutional convention?



5.†††††††† How many amendments have been added to the U.S. Constitution?



Article VI -- National Supremacy


1.†††††††† What three things make up the supreme law of the land?



2.†††††††† What important religious guarantee is found in Article VI?



Article VII -- Ratification


1.†††††††† By whom or what was the Constitution to be ratified?



2.†††††††† The ratification of the Constitution by how many states was required for it to take effect?