U.S. Government

Plano Senior High School


Political Heritage:

          Declaration of Independence questions

          Political Heritage Timeline

The Constitution:

          Walk Through the Constitution

          Checks and Balances Worksheet

          Bill of Rights Outline

Political Parties and the Voting Process:

          Origins of Political Parties Worksheet

           2004 Party Platforms

Legislative Branch:

          Bill Topics

    Senate Bill Form (PDF**)

    Senate Bill Form (MS Word**)

    House Bill Form (PDF**)

    House Bill Form (MS Word**)

**Use the PDF version to print and write on, use the MS Word form to download and edit.

          Congressional Redistricting

          Legislative Powers

Executive Branch:

          Internet Cabinet Chart

          Electoral College

          Texas Document Activity

          Foreign Policy Timeline

Judicial Branch:

          Bill of Rights Activity

  Which Court is it?

  Moot Court Attorney Instructions

  Moot Court Justice Instructions

     * The two above files are in Adobe Acrobat format. For driver information...

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