Office Web Applications

Among the most exciting components of Microsoft Office 2010 are the Web Apps.

These streamlined versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access allow you to create documents, share them with others to work collaboratively, and open the files in the full desktop version of the application. Using the Web App version of an Office application is an ideal way to start making the transition to the new interface common to all the Office applications. Since there are many fewer features in the Web Apps version, it will be easy to focus in on the most important components of each application.

Introduction to Office Web Apps

The SkyDrive provides storage space on the web for your Office 2010 documents. You can open documents from your SkyDrive to edit either using the Web Apps or through Office 2010 desktop applications. Using Office Web Apps in Windows Live SkyDrive

Here's a preview of how Office Web Apps work. (3:28)



Accessing Office Web Apps

Login to Outlook Live at using your Windows Live ID login information (Login ID and password information are available on inside.pisd.

Note: When you login to Outlook Live to use the Office Web Apps, you should not use Outlook email at this time. Continue to use Groupwise and Webmail until further notice.

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